Today I ended my LTR

May 16, 2017

I was with the girl for a year when she cheated. I was living with her, so you know the story. I felt like shit and get depressed. I kick her out of my house and then she begged to return but I ghosted her.

I played the ghost for a while but during that time I felt very destroyed and slowly returned to normal until she appeared and said how "seriously" she was apologized.

I was still struggling with oneitis when she appeared, so I was still addicted to her and I gave her an "opportunity".

Fast forward half a year, I recovered from oneitis and today I ended the LTR with her. I said: "I found out that I don't feel good around you because it always reminds me about your cheating, so I want to be ok and I want to end this."

She replied with: "You're so selfish and you think only in yourself, I don't understand this. What about me? All this time didn't matter? So why did you give me an opportunity? For this? There's someone else? ...." and so on.

She made a ton of drama and tried to make me feel guilty, but honestly brothers I feel very great and feel a lot of relief. I realized I was doing too much damage to myself and wasn't able to let the past go.

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