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Transgender (M2F) MMA Fighter Grievously Injures Female Opponent. This is Feminism's Equality at Work.

September 25, 2014

Transgender Mixed martial arts fighter Fallon Fox grievously injures his natural-born female opponent Tamikka Brents in a bout that lasts only one round.

This is what happens when you argue with reality.

Here's what I find amusing - typically in the case of sex changes, political correctness demands that we refer to the transgender individual by their new sex - in this case, everyone should be referring to Fallon Fox as "she".

But a woman was injured, a REAL woman - broken face and a concussion. Suddenly, Fallon Fox is a man once again.

So, we now understand the social hierarchy in even greater resolution:

Women > Transwoman > Men

Here's an interesting moral quandary for political correctness: where on this scale do transmen fit?

Given that Feminist Priority of Blame™ passes over women every time practical reality squashes wishful thinking, my guess would be that transmen (F2M) would be placed right after women. After all, they're still women deep down inside. Except when they're not.

All we need is some woman willing to get a sex change and enter the men's fighting league, and we can test this theory.

Any takers?

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