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Treating the Red Pill as a new way of being a follower.

November 2, 2017

So /u/gaylubeoil has called out some pundit I never heard of as a kuchi bushi.

Don't care, never heard of the dude, but this is a real phenomenon. The Red Pill has a set of common beliefs and values, and where you have that, you will always have people trying to preach the values as a way to appear to be living them.

Early Christians, for example, decided that "salvation through faith" rather than "salvation through merit" was the goal, and invented elabourate justifications for it, because actually practicing virtue is hard, but yammering on and on about Jesus is super easy.

They key issue here is teaching as a substitute for doing.

Some men read what other, better men have written, and think that writing the same way will make them better men, or make others think they are better men (which is one and the same to a beta male, since beta males concern themselves with appearances).

They have that backwards.

Saying things doesn't make you a better man. Being a better man causes you to have something to say.

It is easy to spot men who are trying to "become alpha" by talking, because they simply recapitulate what others have said. They have no experience of masculinity to draw fresh insights from. Their writing is unoriginal.

Genuine masculine experiences can be had by:

  • Having goals and working to achieve them.
  • Seeking control of your environment, rather than allowing it to control you.
  • Taking responsibility for your circumstances, and for the distance between them and your desires.
  • Gaining knowledge, skill, and wisdom by leaving your comfort zone to seek out new experiences.

When you write from these, your writing will have value, substance, and fresh insights that will inspire others to do the same.

If you write from a desire to write, and to be seen as having written, it's obvious. Every day our mod team deletes reams of trash filled with nothing but empty "moto" bullshit. It usually features the words "brothers", or "gentlemen" a lot.

It's holding you back. Do not focus your ambitions on being the biggest anonymous swinging dick on the internet.

Fix. Your. Life.

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