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June 24, 2015

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

This is what morals are. The planting of trees for others. Now, we can argue all day about whether we "should" or "don't have to" do this. But "should" is just a one-word synonym for "I want".

The benefit of shade trees planted by the previous generation (or just other people) for us is obvious. We get to sit in the shade. But why do people do this?

Old men plant shade trees for the future, because the past planted shade trees for them. Those who receive, are willing to give back to the system they received from, because they buy into it, believe in it. Trust and cooperation go together.

What this means is that morals are a contract. We hold up our end of the bargain, and others hold up theirs. But there are many different contracts, and many different people to have contracts with. Whenever we are faced with a moral question, we cannot simply ask "What is right?", as if morals were a single, universal absolute. We must ask "What is the contract?", "Who is it with?", and, most importantly "Have they kept their end of the bargain?".

This is how to consider a moral question, from an awakened, eyes-open, red pill perspective. Is is to see moral systems from the outside, as a piece of social technology, and to evaluate them by their results, not to cling to them because they've been repeated to us over and over.

Let us suppose you are faced with the moral question of whether to fuck another man's wife. Now you could say "This is wrong, because it harms the man", or "This is not wrong, because the girl is free to do as she likes with her vagina". But both of those fail to consider the question properly. They simply repeat the principle they think is most important, without any evidence of why it is important, or what is the reason that people might wish to honour it.

That's not thinking. That's just obeying whoever was most successful in chanting slogans at you. The red pill means looking with your own eyes, and thinking with your own brain.

Instead, look at the morals, the contract, from the outside. What is the agreement, who is it between, are both ends being upheld?

For our example:

  • Marriage is an agreement of monogamy (usually). Who is it between? The man and his wife. Are you responsible for upholding a contract you are not part of?

  • Is there as an agreement between you and society, or all other men, not to fuck each others' wives? Maybe. But has it been upheld? Well, what has society done to protect you from cuckoldry? It has given wives cash and prizes for engaging in it and divorcing their husbands.

  • Is there an agreement between you and the other man, as a person? Maybe. Would he fuck your wife? Who is he to you? Your brother? Your friend? An acquaintance? A stranger?

Obviously, I have some thoughts on these questions. I will not hide them. But the important thing for you is not what I think, it's to think about it for yourself.

When someone tells you to plant trees for others, ask yourself... do I sit in the shade of trees planted for me? How you answer that question is up to you. But don't let people control you with guilt and a lecture. And if you find yourself the sons of men who sat in the shade and planted no trees, I recommend you not stand out in the sun with a shovel.

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