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TRP is getting soft

September 27, 2018

I keep getting messages from guys saying that my post (Validation) was removed. I can't tell from my dashboard and I never heard from a mod so I have no idea.

Before that, my post (Vagina Envy) was about to be removed until the mods noticed that it was triggering the soyboys too. So they kept it.

Both posts got upvoted and were well-received by the TRP community.

Both posts were pretty well-written.

I scan the front page and look at what the mods choose to leave on TRP vs my stuff that they seem eager to delete. A fucking wall of autism.

The only reason I bring this up is because it is annoying to have guys looking for content PMing me asking if I saved the post and requesting a copy of the text. Obviously TRPers want to read what I wrote.

What is this place for? Isn't TRP supposed to be where we post the controversial stuff that triggers the sheep?

Our mods are getting soft about what content they deem worthy. And obviously out of touch- Vagina Envy is at over 1,000 upvotes and a mod admitted that he almost deleted it.

Meanwhile I get to read another dozen field reports about a conversation some dude had with his coworkers and all the revelations he's had about AWALT from it. Jesus Christ.

Y'all are goofy.

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People react with feelings, not rationality

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If you have an issue with moderation in a subreddit, calling the mods out publicly is not the way to do it. Pull this shit in my subreddit and I’ll ban your ass no matter how reasonable you’re trying to be.

Mod mail exists for a reason. Use it. This isn’t your sub. It belongs to the mods. They can pull your post for any reason, up to and including they simply don’t like the way you spell your name. If you don’t like what’s here, don’t read. If you’re pissed your stuff keeps getting removed, don’t post or make your own sub to post in.

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