TRP Knowledge Saved my Life

November 2, 2013

Lengthy post incoming.

The rising tide in anti-TRP sentiment across the board on reddit finally convinced me to seize the moment and write this post. I honestly think that /r/theredpill will be shut down by the prevailing majority sometime in the not too distant future. So, to mark the 20,000 subscriber mark (even if some of those are trolls/spies), I decided to pen this. While the title may strike some as sensationalist, I really don’t know if I’d be here today without redpill knowledge.

In many ways, my story is probably not that distinct from many here. I was a successful beta most of my life, going from monogamous relationship to relationship. I had a string of girlfriends and each one of them looked better than the last. Until that one fateful relationship that - when it collapsed - devastated me. I beta’d out so hard and was so depressed that I genuinely considered offing myself for some time. That’s right; I was willing to end my life over the loss of a woman from my life. It was a dark time.

I’ll never forget how pathetic I was. I asked her how she could just throw away this grand romance, this magical love we had for one another. Her response? “You don’t have any balls.” Eastern European women aren’t known for their subtlety. And the worst part is she was right: after nearly two and half decades of life, I was a spineless, sad excuse for a man.

Luckily, instead of blowing my brains out, I found redpill knowledge. Right about the time I was going through my transformation, /r/theredpill was created, and I’ve been reading ever since. I’m pleased to say that I’ve gone from being that sad beta who solely defined his worth by the type of woman he had in his life to a much more successful, much healthier, and a more rounded man. I have a good career, an all-new circle of male friends, am in the best shape of my life, and have made improvements in about every single area, inside and out. As for women, I keep a few around these days. I find my relations with them to be much more fulfilling, as I now accept them for what they are instead of forcing some Faustian, “once-in-a-lifetime” narrative on them. Things are going well for me.

I said earlier that my story is probably not very distinct for many on /r/theredpill. I know a lot of the guys here ended up seeking this knowledge out after a pretty traumatic life experience. There is one part of my tale that is probably pretty uncommon, even shocking: I used to be a semi-popular poster on /r/shitredditsays. Yes - as painful as it is for me to admit -I still have an unbanned SRS account, made when SRS was less than 2k subscribers. I used to troll /r/mensrights, write things like “biotruths” and “shitlord,” and generally make fun of seddit-types. I never really cared about the extreme feminist views of the place – for the most part I assumed it was a group of trolls like me. But because I was relatively successful with women and still a gigantic beta who didn’t know the first thing about self-improvement, I assumed men talking about problems of masculinity were fedora-sporting neckbeards living in a basement somewhere, and I made fun of them mercilessly.

Karma, as it turns out, is quite a bitch.

And, with that revelation, I’d like to address those who would shut us down, especially other men who post on some of our parody subs, SRS, etc. I doubt the women who frequent such places will ever be able to see things how they really are, but for you guys there is hope. I’m afraid you are just one life experience, one real setback away from having the paint peeled back and seeing reality for what it is. I’m not a befedora’d MLP evangelist, nor am I a hyper-macho tank of a man. I’m a pretty regular guy who is much more comfortable with his masculinity than I used to be. All the TRP-minded men I know in real life are the same sort: normal, everyday guys who are comfortable with being a man and are generally good with women.

Believe me, bluepillers, I wish all those beautiful lies I used to be were true. Ignorance, undoubtedly, was bliss. I wish my idealized, Disneyesque views of love had turned out to be true, and I could have run off into the sunset with The One™ and never had to worry about how to be a man. However, as the metaphor itself implies, TRP is all about embracing reality, and reality is obviously different than what we dream up. I won’t go through an exhaustive list of all TRP doctrine here, but I think the most important lesson I learned from my time here is that it is impossible to decouple economics (i.e. the sexual marketplace) from relationships. Value is real. Women want a man with resources, men want a woman who looks good and can provide good offspring. Improvement matters. Also, in my particular case, this belief in true love is counterproductive. Men are the true romantics; women cannot love us in the idealized way many of us are taught to believe in. I’ve had some girls who really adored me in my time, who were crazy about me, who absolutely loved me, but I’m sure if a billionaire with Ryan Gosling looks and top-level game had approached them on the street and said “Let’s go” they would have. It doesn’t make them bad, or wrong; it’s just how it is.

Do I agree with everything that is posted on TRP? No. I think we could probably use one or two fewer acronyms, and I’ve never been a huge fan of the flamboyant PUA stuff. But, by and large, the knowledge base here and on other sites has really helped me become a better man, and has opened my eyes to the way the world works, centering on interactions between men and women. I don’t hate women; in fact, quite the opposite - I really enjoy spending time with them now that I can accept them for who they are.

TRP not only saved my life, but has made it a much more fulfilling one, too. I really appreciate this place and all it’s done for me. It will be a sad day when/if this sub gets banned, but the knowledge itself will survive.

Good luck, TRP. See you at 30k.

TL;DR: TRP saved and revolutionized my life; if you’re a naysayer, maybe you should give it a try. Thanks for everything, TRP.

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