Post Summary: Longtime lurker, decided to share my experiences with TRP as a bi male, since I haven't seen anything of the sort on this sub yet. In particular, how the interactions beween alpha men and beta men mimic those between alpha males with women. In short, betas are desperate to submit to alphas, just like women will beg for alpha cock. I also talk about using TRP on men can help you figure out what will best work on women.

The Red Pill Theory: Not Just for Pulling Women by /u/sandgoseek

Before we come to the modern-day conclusions and field report, let's start out with my first experience with male-to-male alpha/beta coupling: my freshman year of college. This was both before I'd ever discovered TRP (or reddit, for that matter) and before I myself knew I was bisexual. Skip along a couple months, and I encounter TRP in the flesh with a guy named John (not his real name).

John had received news from an ex-partner of his (let's call him Mark) just got his results back from his first HIV/AIDS testing. Turns out Mark had contracted HIV at some point, possibly before he and John had been together. Being fucking idiots, John and Mark had a lot of unprotected sex during their partnership. So here was John, freaked the fuck out–understandably–because he'd been sick for weeks. To me, him, and our mutual friends, it looked every bit like he had contracted HIV/AIDS a while back and had started falling apart.

So I hang out with him that night on suicide watch. The next day, we walk to the nearest clinic with HIV/AIDS testing equipment available. We're told the results will take one week to return.

Commence one week in hell. Through the next seven days, I take care of John. He sleeps in my room every night and I make him go to breakfast, classes, and dinner. Sometimes I can make him do homework to stay occupied, other times we wander around the city chain smoking and talking about death.

The night before his test results get back, I jolt awake, not remembering having passed out in a lounge chair tucked away in the corner of my dorm room. It's close to 2AM. I looked around quickly and found myself alone in the room.

Oh fuck, where the fuck did John go?

I dart out of the room, no shoes, grabbing a heavy coat as I go, sprinting across the sleeping, silent campus to find John, cursing his name under my breath as I desperately search the shadows and corners for his bulky 6'3" ex-linebacker form.

Then, around the corner, I damn near run him over. He went out to have a few cigarettes and "check out the bridge for a bit." Just for clarity, he'd gone to check out the same 50 foot tall bridge he'd been talking about throwing himself from for the last week in the occasion that he tested HIV/AIDS positive.

I'd had it. I'd taken care of his sorry fucking ass for the whole week, skipping almost every class that week so I could sleep through the day, staying up nights to keep an eye on him. He'd abused my care and friendship, and disrespected everything that I'd sacrificed to help him through his darkest hour.

I'd set up rules and guidelines and gave him orders. I ran his entire life for that one week, from when he woke up to the moment he passed out late at night. I'd controlled him and his life entirely. I was in command of myself, cool, calm, collected, sure of myself. I had to be, because his life was in my hands.

So when I rounded that corner, looking up at the giant who seemed to tower over my then 5'8" ex-runner's build, I let him have it. Grabbed his collar, slammed him against the wall, shouting at him about how selfish he was being, about the hole he'd leave in the lives of those around him. He'd had previous attempts and I knew it. I threw it in his face. I gave him every barb and beating I had in my exhausted bones, and then a little extra when I thought I had nothing left to give.

Then, I stopped. I'd run out of words and stepped back from him. If he'd wanted to, he could've beaten the absolute shit out of me and left me a bloody heap with some broken bones for good measure.

But he didn't. In that exchange, I'd solidified the status I'd been building the whole week prior–I was the alpha, and he was my beta. I had every ounce of control, and he was mine to do with what he wanted.

But sandgoseek, how do you know he liked that, or what he thought of that power dynamic?

A week later (he tested HIV/AIDS negative, thank god) he confided in me that for that one little minute, with my hands on his collar, face inches from his as I mentally and emotionally dominated and controlled him–John told me rather sheepishly that it was the most aroused he'd been in his whole life so far. To lightly paraphrase his words:

"If you'd told me to get on my knees and suck your cock, I happily would've done it without question...or hesitation."

Yes, he's a bottom, and by my standards, therefore a natural beta. When I further established that he was the beta to my alpha behavior and attitude, he was suddenly ready to submit entirely to me. Even further, he found out shortly after that I'd been keeping up an ongoing Dom/sub, Owner/slave relationship with a cute little redheaded slut (we'll call her Sadie, more on her later) from my home town. When he found out, he asked me repeatedly to be his Dom. I politely declined each time. Owning one slut was enough work for me to stay more than occupied; two would be overwhelming. Not to mention that I was perfectly satisfied with the whore I already played Daddy to, but those details will have to wait for another post, another day.

I know what you're thinking–

"But sandgoseek, this subreddit is primarily for male sexual strategy with respect to women! It's cool that it works with dudes, but how does that help me improve myself in my efforts to become the best man I can be?"

Good question, friend! I'd like to present two theories. One is hypothetical, but has worked often enough for me that I'm confident in saying that it's as much a fact as any other we espouse on TRP. The other is anecdotal, a real deal example from the aforementioned Dom/sub relationship. The first may be a new theory for TRP; the second is taken as a well-known fact.

  • Theory 1: All beta men gravitate towards alpha men. This doesn't just apply to sexual attraction either, since I think most TRP users are straight guys; it applies to all facets of social interaction. Having trouble making guy friends, or friends in general? Generally speaking, the more 'alpha' your traits, the more desirous people of all genders will be of your company. Male friends will gather around you as a pillar of alpha masculinity. Why? Because they want to be an alpha too. Betas know the score, they know they're passed up for alphas and almost always end up fucking some slut who's been riding the CC for years. Betas look up to alphas, and so they'll hang around you. And this is certainly nothing bad; I have a good deal of beta friends and they're great guys. They may've gravitated towards me first for reasons of which they weren't fully aware, but that's no problem, they're still great friends. tl;dr as you progress along your TRP journey and start picking up more alpha traits and behaviors, pay attention to your friends, and see how many beta guys start flocking around you.

  • Theory 2: The obvious conclusion–practicing alpha behavior around other men and seeing what works to attract betas gives you a solid base for you to turn around and use the same tactics on women. A few months after the whole "controlling John" affair, I got in touch with the little redheaded slut I mentioned earlier. Our D/s interactions had slowed down quite a bit for a number of reasons, something that I willingly let happen in spite of her complaints and late night voicemails pleading with me to let her cum. We met up and chatted, just as friends. And yet something had changed. I knew for myself that I had entirely saved John's life. Even by his own admission, without my steady, controlling hand guiding him through that week, he would've killed himself long before the tests came back. So when I spoke with Sadie, the cute whore I owned (and still own, three years strong), the confidence from knowing I'd essentially single-handedly maneuvered another human being through death to safety, saving his life–my words and actions soaked up that confidence. She sat across from me, squirming in her seat with every subtly wry smile, licking and biting her lips as she tried to hold eye contact, pale skin blushing a dark red in an effort to compete with her hair. I knew before I even asked that I was back in control, that I owned her completely and fully again.

Final tl;dr

Practice TRP on men, and when you see positive results–when betas start flocking to you and wanting your company–take the behavior you've cultivated and practiced on men and aim your sights on women: reap your just rewards, and enjoy watching them come crawling to you with open mouths and swinging hips.

Yours truly, with pride in joining the TRP family, /u/sandgoseek

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