When the Alpha Male of a female environment, including an office run by women, vacates the environment and leaves his position uninherited...well, all hell tends to break loose.


I work for a company that provides facility services to other companies on contract. A few weeks ago, my department head at the facility - the only position higher than mine - told me that he had accepted an offer of employment for another company, and had recommended that I be promoted as his successor. Naturally I thanked him, congratulated him on his job offer, and looked forward to seeing a decision made about my future at the facility.

Now if this were a normal business environment, my boss's recommendation would carry quite a lot of weight. But there are other factors at play here.

  1. The management staff of the client facility is entirely female. Their antics have been a constant affirmation of the Red Pill.

  2. My boss has been the head of this department - an all-male department, by the way - for over a decade, and has led us through three different contract restructurings. He knows the operations of the facility better than anyone, and has the ironclad respect of both fellows and competitors in the industry. He is the man you call if you need to get something done right the first time. There is never, ever any question that he is the Top Dog. Combine his reputation with his physical presence at 6'5" and the stature and solidity of a brick know he's the consummate Alpha within two seconds of meeting him.

  3. Due to the nature of my duties, the majority of the people I interact with need to think of me as a hard ass, for the sake of efficiency and compliance among those for whom I'm responsible. I have a reputation as the junkyard dog with a bite just as bad as my bark. It keeps people in line, but it doesn't win me any popularity contests.

  4. Ward, the only other man in the department who holds a position at my level is the king of winning popularity contests, because in the capacity of his own position, he has to be on much friendlier terms with the same people I'm required to discipline. He's the carrot, and I'm the stick.

Ward and I work extremely well together. Our good cop/bad cop dynamic has made our department phenomenally successful, and we've been considered the flagship department of our company for years now. On top of that, we're good friends outside of work. So when we both found out the department head slot was up for grabs, we agreed to both go for it, and no hard feelings. May the best man win.

The office women, as can be imagined, reacted a bit differently.

When my boss told the head facility manager he was leaving, she broke into tears. I mean that literally: she started crying in front of him. He told me afterward that she said it was just the shock, and that she wasn't upset with him. But of course, we listen to a woman's actions, not her words.

Within two days, my boss was completely cut out of the loop in every way. Meetings that had been scheduled were cancelled. Rumors began to spread about him. The facility manager went out of her way to snub him at every turn. The department as a whole became the whipping-boy of the facility, and my boss was chief among the bloody-backs.

Eventually he couldn't endure the disrespect any more. After a purported "apology" from the facility manager eventually culminated in a screaming match with my boss, he gathered his personal items and vacated the office three days ahead of schedule.

The King is dead. Long live the Hamster.

In the wake of my boss's departure, things are not good. My company is virtually assured to lose the facility contract. Those of us that are kept on with the new contractor will likely be subjected to wage reductions. It's doubtful either myself or Ward will be moved into the department head position, although I'd give him more of a shot due to the office ladies' perception of him as a friendly guy.

And none of the office management staff has the slightest clue how to run things without the Office Alpha. It's like watching small children try to ride their bicycles with the training wheels suddenly removed. The facility head used to text my boss multiple times a day "just to check in", and now she has no source of validation for her decisions. The office administrator is in full-on CYA mode, throwing people under the bus left and right for the smallest oversights. Anyone in their right mind is staying out of the office as much as possible right now.

Only through constant vigilance - and years of experience dealing with their bullshit - have I been able to keep myself mostly in the loop of day-to-day decision making. And I'm appalled at the decisions being made: full control of my department's operations is being siphoned into the hands of the client facility, which is unprecedented and dangerous. It's quite clear: when the Alpha is gone, the Hamster reigns supreme.

I've submitted a lot of applications during the past few days. I'm getting the hell outta Dodge.


  • Women are not happy in leadership positions. A woman naturally wants a strong masculine presence to guide her, whether it be directly or indirectly. This is just as true in the office as in the home.

  • The presence of an Alpha is the glue that holds a community together. In a group consisting of men and women, a Patriarchal figure will emerge. This Patriarchal figure, whether he is technically in charge or not, will always be sought after by the women of the group.

  • When a woman experiences the loss of an Alpha in her work environment, it is very similar to becoming an Alpha Widow. She becomes bitter toward the Alpha for abandoning her, and damages any potential future relationships through projection and other hamstering.

But the primary lesson is this:

  • Do not work for women. Ever.