TRP - The Final Conclusion

June 22, 2015

tl;dr: Plates are not the only option. Men should not worry about a woman's ability to bond or past, men should have women in their life that add value. A LTR may be, in some ways, better to provide this care and support than plates and should not be regarded as a bad situation.

I'll give a short introduction about me, skip this if you want. I discovered this sub a bit over a year ago. I was beginning to be disillusioned by women and the sub perfectly described what I was experiencing. I changed from not knowing how to deal with women to being able to spin multiple plates at the same time. Currently I am in a LTR.

Many of you are still in the anger phase, or only recently exitted it. You should be aware that there is no point in being angry at women for acting the way they do, the game of love is amoral. Similarly you need not feel guilty about having sex with multiple women around the same time, although I would recommend, out of common decency, to not agree to being exclusive and then continue to cheat on her. However, if that's what you want, so be it.

According to many on TRP, spinning plates is the only option you have in life, I will argue that this is not true and that those that believe this are still somewhat stuck in the anger phase.

There was a post on this sub recently called 'The Art of Whore: Why Betas Marry Leftovers”. The post describes several reasons on why you would not want to marry a slut. I'll go over these reasons one by one.

1) Social Pride.

If you want a wife to raise your social status, you are clearly giving a fuck about what others think about you. Why would you give a fuck about what others think and not just focus on what makes you happy? Hence, a bullshit argument. Nevertheless, I will admit that if a woman is widely known to be a whore by the world/community, it may harm your reputation to a degree that it actually affects your life, so yes, avoid marrying a famous ex-porn star. However, there are plenty of reasons not to marry such a degenerate anyway, most girls are not such an extreme case.

2) Religion

Sure, maybe your religion only allows you to marry a virgin or something. Personally, I think religion is a load of bullcrap and you needn't worry about the judgment of some nonexistent entity.

3) Ability to Bond

Now, this is something that is mentioned on TRP quite often, yet it is more irrelevant than you would initially think. I will get back to this point in a bit, when I come to the main point of my post.

4) Decision making ability

The post describes that women with a lot of partners obviously make poor decisions, I will assume this to be true in order not to digress. Now, it is said this matters, because you want your children to have good decision making skills. Besides the fact that making good decisions had a good deal to do with nurture, rather than nature, there are mány more factors that influence genes that can be regarded as far more important than this vague notion, as if there is a gene defining how capable someone is at making decisions. Moreover, your children will always be their own people, you do not control them and they will make mistakes and learn from them, with your proper guidance. The only reason you want children is because it is in your genes to have a desire to procreate, well, go ahead and procreate, spread your genes. Know that after just a couple of generations your genes will be mixed up that only 1/16th will still be your genes in those generations. Now, you understand that it matters a bit less who your wife is, as in a mere 100 years your genes will become only an insignifcant part in the people that live at that point in time.

So far my digression on having children, many of you don't want children anyway. I have mentioned the word 'marry' here several times. But here's the news: NEVER MARRY. See, the quest to find a unicorn becomes a lot less interesting when you are not seeking a marriage. You need to understand that in any LTR, you are only enjoying your time together, but it may end at any moment. The only reason you should be in a LTR is if she is adding value to your life, beyond providing you with regular sex, she should provide you with care and support, allowing you to focus on achieving your goals in your career.

This aspect of adding value, is the only aspect that matters for any woman. It does not matter how many people she has fucked in the past, it does not matter if her genes are perfect, it does not matter.

*Either she adds enough value to your life, more value than you can get from fucking plates, or she does not add this value. *

That is the only call you need to make. However, you must always remember that it is temporary, you do not marry her, she may leave at any moment. Any discussion on how to identify a good girl or a bad girl is unnecessary. She adds value, or she does not. She makes you become a better person, or she just takes up your time. Will she stay with you? Time will tell, there is no point in wondering about her ability to bond, only time will answer that.

All you need to do to obtain this value from relationships is be the alpha man. Be the strong ambitious man that she respects and that she wants to serve and support. This is what you control. Never marry, always be ready to let her go, and let her go when she ceases to add value to your life.

Lessons learned: The only question is; DOES SHE ADD VALUE TO YOUR LIFE?

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