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Turning things around will take time... but time keeps marching no matter what you do

December 7, 2014

One of the things I've noticed from the dramatic change I've been making to my life, is how difficult it is for some of us. The simple fact is that for anyone with a high level of discipline and a strong drive, the journey is just a mechanical process. That said, most of us do not have that level of discipline and drive. We have a normal level which will run into trouble at some point. We've all seen the posts or rants from some men who come back to state the same fucking problems over and over again. How do you help people like that? There are irregular reminders on the sub to stay the course. Encouraging/inspiring posts. Then field reports from people who have made the journey to remind you what you're going to achieve. I would posit that this should be enough for the average guy.

Typically when they come back, there will be a denial of the issues. Whatever went wrong is not their fault. Bad news buddy, it is your fault. It is entirely your fault because your weak-ass mind could not hold on and power through the boredom and discomfort. Sometimes I even read complaining about whatever is wrong with them. Well complaining without action is not the way forward. It's a beta trait that assumes the problem is going to solve itself. So here's the bitter truth for these people: Life will go on no matter what you do. It does not care. Imagine the worst things in your entire life happening. Once they happen, life will go on. Time has no pity for you and any time you're not using productively is time you're wasting. Don't get me wrong, relaxation is important, but relaxation should never be at the expense of achieving the goals you've set for yourself.

I like to think of the journey as though you're in charge of a huge oil tanker. Unfortunately, due to some shit GPS handed to you by society, you've ended up in blue pill waters. Now you've been sailing in the wrong direction, you need to turn around and get back into the red pill waters. If you choose to do nothing, or fail to do anything, then you can enjoy your voyage in blue pill waters because the engine is running and that tanker is still pressing forwards. You want to turn it around you say? Well sure, turn that wheel. What's that? The wheel is heavy? Yeah, of course it's heavy. It's fucking great oil tanker and they forgot to install power steering!

The guy with tremendous discipline and drive is like the bodybuilder at the helm. He turns the wheel with ease and holds it without breaking a sweat. Even though he does that, it still takes him months to sail the ship out of those blue pill waters and into a nice red sea. Each action you take, is a minor turn of the wheel. Optimising your t levels? That's a fraction turn. Lifting? That's another fraction. Reading material? Another fraction. They all add up to turning the wheel and altering course. But what's this? The wheel is pushing back! It doesn't like it. You've got to exert strength to hold it in place.

What happened now? You stopped lifting? You've failed to hold the wheel. It's slipped back by a fraction. You haven't read anything useful in a while? Slipped back again. Oh dear, you're no longer heading for red pill waters. So you come back here to post about it and have a rant and a vent. But the engines are still running and you've let go of the wheel. Returning to the sub is one thing to gain encouragement or ask for advice. By all means, do this. But realise that YOU are the only person who can enact it. You're the one at the helm, steering the ship. Nobody else. You want to achieve the gargantuan task of sailing this beast out of those accursed waters? Then grab onto the wheel, pull hard and hold the fuck on! Even when your mind and body is screaming "no more" you have to hold on. Nobody else can turn the wheel for you. It's down to you. Don't let go because nobody is going to be here to grab it and save you at the last second.

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