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Understand that shit-tests are NOT BAD and you'll have no problems getting pussy

April 3, 2021

Evening, gentlemen. Another lockdown wave just hit my country, so after sitting at home for quite some time now I've been reflecting on shit that was going on in my life. Last couple of months weren't the best in terms of meeting bitches, but I've had an interesting interaction that might help some of you. I also know some of you motherfuckers have a hard time with long ass posts, so I'll try to make it as short and simple.

At the start of 2021 clubs and bars were open again for a short period of time, so me and a couple of friends decided to shoot the shit while we can. I'll skip the usual part of us drinking, dancing and just having a good time and get straight to business: at one point I notice a girl I used to work with sitting at the bar with her friend, let's just call her Sam. Sam is a short brunette with a hourglass body, long hair and huge eyes. But Sam's attitude towards men can scare away a lot of folks. While I was chatting with my colleague I've seen how she turned down a couple of dudes in a pretty rude way so I knew what type of a bitch she was even before we were introduced to each other.

Note that I had zero interest in this girl, so I wasn't trying to pick her up or even look like it. But oh boy, never in my life I faced that many shit-tests in under 15 minutes. "Your legs are skinny", "You look gay", "Your nose looks weird", "What is that haircut?". A lot of different weird shit towards a random guy who's not even trying to hit on her. Like, a lot. At some point even my colleague who's a pretty indifferent girl went:"Jesus, Sam, what's your problem?". You could actually see in her eyes she wanted to get under your skin, I bet some of you have seen shit like that before. So after another fucked up shit she said I went:"Oh, you've been really hurt before, haven't you?" and simply ignored her because it actually started pissing me off and note that I'm a pretty calm laid back dude.

I actually didn't expect my words to work that well because what I said was the first thing that came to my mind, but it worked wonders. So me and my colleague keep chatting and Sam starts to slowly join our conversation, but now she's not acting bitchy at all. Sam's a whole different person now, smiling, touching and laughing like she wasn't the reason I was drowning in insults and rude jokes previous 15 minutes. Now Sam is asking me questions non-stop, validating herself, we all drink and actually have a good time, but it still feels weird as fuck because I've never seen someone changing attitude that fast.

Nothing special actually happened afterwards and that's okay, because that one case helped me completely understand the main secret of shit-tests. It doesn't matter how rude that bitch is towards you, it doesn't matter what she says or how she looks when she says it, if your frame is stronger, she will be attracted to you. And the more shit tests you endure, the more attracted she will get.

Couple of days pass and my colleague DMs me saying:"Sam's forcing me to hit you up, so we can meet again for a coffee" or some shit. Textbook shit, fellas: IDGAF attitude, A&A, Always DARE, never DEER. It works. That's why everybody tells you to read the fucking sidebar, get your frame on point and trust the process. Much love, hope this helped some of you.


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