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Useful skill sets

December 20, 2014

One of the major things which underlines red pill philosophy towards life is constantly bettering yourself. It's something I easily relate to because I used to think that way as a kid. I seemed to lose my way a little when I got lost in the rat race. Another thing I've noticed is that not all skill sets are as useful as others. If we discount the basics such as lifting and reading, what would you as an individual RP man recommend as a skill set or two that people consider learning?

Cooking, nutrition and a greater depth of knowledge on alcohol would be my recommendations to anyone reading this. Diet goes hand in hand with lifting - cooking allows you greater flexibility with what you eat and allows you to increase the quality of the food you eat. Greater knowledge of alcohol, what is best for you and how to enjoy it more etc is simply because... you might be drinking less or it may just turn into an occasional treat, so you'd might aswell get the most out of it.

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