Disclaimer: this includes some hardcore meta

This is a repost updated for quality, to fit new posting rules, and an ongoing writing experiment. It is the meat and potatoes of all my RP perspectives, and is a eulogy to 3 very RP individuals. My grandfather, my mother, and my father. I'm in business (big, international) born and raised, so if you're in business and doing well, you'll likely understand this much better. If you're not, then please keep in mind, the sheerness of this is not limited to financial or corporate institutions, it is the function of the machine of human interaction. Simply, in a quantitative industry, it becomes more stark.

Note, value is not about sex, sex is something you buy with value, or passively is offered as a bartering chip for your internal value. This post is NOT about sex. Though it does cover how to "afford" it frequently.


This lesson provides insight on a (my) lifestyle based on managing value, internal, and external, and the functions in regards to how the world views your value. It additionally leads on how to recognize and build value in yourself and others, and how to leverage it passively and actively.

For those who need RP terminology, value is what you bring to the R.M.P., and what is passively exuded in your S.M.V. It is both your fuel and currency for getting what you want from the world.

Synopsis 1: defining the terms

Value. Almost every post in trp and mrp are about failing to have it, failing to maintain it, failing to utilize or recognize it, and how to increase it, internal vs external, how to measure both, etc. Imagine that you're running a house party, and value is on the menu 24/7. It is your cost and your profit. (the kegs, activities, people you supply, vs what they offer you in return.)


What is value? Value is what the world sees in you and wants. Quite simply, if others want it, it has value. Additionally, your value is no higher than the highest bidder. This is not to confuse it with being strictly external value, as value comes in flavors, internal, and external. They are not mutually exclusive, that was an inclusive "or".

Internal value

Internal value is anything which improves what others want from you by improving yourself. These values are important in that they cannot be taken from you except in extreme circumstance. This is why trp always says to newcomers, GO LIFT. GO READ. GO GET EXPERIENCE. Other noted internal values are education, above average levels of field specific training, temperance, fortitude, perspective, abundance mindset, and integrity. Internal value is how you go about securing external value, as it is your fuel for your external expenses. A high internal value lets you gain external value more often and at a larger magnitude. In other words, build your body, mind, and skills, to afford what you want. Internal value is not regulated by others anywhere near as heavily as external.

External value

External value is important as well, though it has a cost. External value can also be taken from you at a moments notice, tragedy, misfortune, or even some idiot with a knife can separate you from your external value. Things like nice cars, clothing that is trendy, or being in the bosses evoked set (read as go to guy), can shift quickly and with barely any warning, and require a large upkeep of energy. Keep in mind external value isn't only physical, charity and trust are also external, as well as your public image. 'Charity and trust especially should be treated as incredibly high maintenance'

*Application: * How to treat, build, and spend value? Treat internal value as a long term stock investment. Build it, build your portfolio, and your passive income will replenish faster and at a larger amount right? When you buy that nice car or refresh your wardrobe yearly, or want a classy night on the town, it's better coming out of the yearly passive income (dividends, bonds claimed, etc) than your monthly active income (your jobs paycheck) isn't it? The same goes for internal value as opposed to external. So you build lifestyle changes, lifting, weekly outings, speaking to everyone, saying no happily. On to the actual lesson.

Synopsis 2: the how and why

You are what the world sees you do. If you're a person who is constantly adding value to the world, people will want a slice of it, who doesn't want nice shit? Everyone thinks they have something to trade, many think they can get some free! (read entitled people /women) The world is endlessly hungry, bigger, better, and stronger than you. It will fuck you. It will crash and consume everything at your party and leave nothing for you. This is why external value MUST come from excess. As a party dwindles in size what happens? The fast starters move to a new venue, most will lag about until competition is too fierce, some will close the shop and lick the plates. If you're good at managing your value, the party costs you nothing active, you could throw one every day without actually hitting your daily (spending) account.

The danger of ignorant practices

If you're really bad at managing your value, you will eventually have nothing left to fuel yourself, you will first lose external value, and damage your internal. It's like buying meals for a date when you don't even have savings. When you can't afford rent. When you haven't bought a gym membership. When that new car is more important than finishing your college education.

"The man who kills a man, kills a man, the man who kills himself, kills all men." -G.k. Chesterton. Do not kill yourself 'and all future opportunities' by outspending your value.

You must internalize that to give value cheaply or for free is suicide. There must always be a sufficient exchange.

You must always focus your time on increasing the size and quality of your value. Since the goal of any rp individual is to increase net value (progression), you need to consider others into your equation. Connections are the biggest external value asset you can tap into, but you must be selective in who sits at the table. Both because you are the company you keep, and also because it creates scarcity 'in access' to a real bounty of resources, 'your hard built party, your value'. This especially falls into the realm of charity, give selfishly or not at all.

On charity

Anyone who comes to your table can beg, but they have to be a VIP to be seated. This isn't to say you don't calculate the gain of playing the benevolent God, it actually raises interest in the table when done correctly as others believe there's a chance at entry. This is the massive, singular value saver in saying NO. Say no when anything and anyone isn't cost effective. This shouldn't even be difficult, if you really understand the above you know how important it is to safeguard your internal and external value. Would you allow someone who walked up and demanded 4 hours worth of cash from you to open your wallet and help themselves? No? Good. Then don't let some random non VIP eat from YOUR value banquet without trading the same in THEIR value to you.

Your value is a limited resource, very limited. The less time you spend building your internal value, the less often it can be spent without damaging it's replenishment rate. It is an upkeep that only grows and never ends. You are the owner, bouncer, and host, and you're using that surplus of internal value to purchase/attract others who bring you external value. No one will save you except yourself, the world does not care about you and if allowed, will try to consume you. Do not be jaded about this fact. Be happy. The world is dependable, now you know where you stand.

It is not just a temporary perspective

It is your duty to improve yourself so that you can add value to those that can add value to you in kind. It is the ultimate truth of anyone who expects to gain anything from the world in a meaningful way.

For this reason I heavily suggest doing as I do, and applying the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your time should be spent increasing internal value while only 20% should be used purchasing external value. Before you schedule going to the club, 'which costs you time, a cost everyone must be aware of' make sure your schedule includes 4 times as much for internal value building. Lifting, education, public speaking training, podcasts, career advancement, whatever it takes, most of your day should be focused on improving internal value. When you go out to enjoy spending your value, not only can you have peace of mind and focus solely on managing the clientele, you will have clients begging to trade with you.

General rules of value management if you have a high income job, hell, general for anyone.

1: don't ever discuss money around women. Not how much you make, not what you do, not what you're worth.

2: don't ever offer to pay for anything. She probably just by speaking to you has figured out you're in the upper demographic, maybe from what you wear, maybe the car you drive, maybe because you swipe that card a little too casually.

3: no gifts. If you're the type for ltrs, the big dates sure, but don't go crazy. She should be happy to have your time and attention.

4: no 'emergency handouts'. Couldn't make rent? Not my problem. Need something for class? Not my problem. The kids need new shoes? They're your kids, aren't you a strong independent woman?

5: modesty. Don't flaunt what you have. Ever. Advertising external value excess damages your position, defaulting it to provider. Advertise only internal value excess. (this can sometimes flip depending on who your chasing. Shit, Milfs and cougars are crazy.)

6: everything is a contract. The world wants to eat you, if your relation is landing you a net loss, 'like a business deal' note how it happened. Drop the deal. Learn for the future.

7: if she checks out, and you want more, pre nup or gtfo. No questions asked. If she resists even in the slightest, you made a misjudgement, get over it, there are others.

8: Don't invite people to look into your nest. They need to earn that information.


Value comes in two flavors. Internal, and external. Internal is what cannot be taken from you without extreme circumstance. External is what you trade to others, and is fickle, easily removed by even chance.

80% of your time and effort should be in building internal value. The rest can be buying with external.

Lessons planned

Why you need a yearly monk-done

Vetting different levels of women.-done

Value Management (updated)-done

Agency, you have it, stop ignoring it! - done

Silent or vibrate only, making it easy to be busy- upcoming

Goal building and follow through (updated)+upcoming

New addition: frame, from a philosophy major and practicing stoic-done

Addendum; thank you all for your input and critiques. I'm happy to have helped a few, and I can't wait to improve more, until the next lesson I will definitely be taking any questions and complaints.