In our society time is the new currency, it’s more expensive than money, for there is only a limited amount of it whereas money is technically unlimited.

You only have so much of it, you need to choose wisely where you spend it;

Because once spent you’re not getting it back, the worse part is in our society we do not acknowledge the worth our time has, we think it’s unlimited, we spend it on stupid things like Netflix, social media, gossip, looking at our phones all day (that’s coming from a young person) etc.

Now don’t get me wrong you can watch Netflix and such if you want, but be aware that you could’ve put that time to a better use.

Ok but where am I going with all of this?

Well after taking a step back on life, I realized this one thing..

Until the day of your death comes you always have a chance to improve.

What I mean is you can always start that new business, start working out, talk to girls, improve yourself, reinvent yourself. Don’t ever give up on yourself because it’s only when the day of your death comes you will truly give up because you will have no other choice and that day hasn’t come yet and when that day comes you’ll never know, nor see it coming.

How to begin self improvement?

First things first figure out what you’re made of (your strength, weakness),

what I mean is are you a lion, antilope, gorilla, because in the wild even a lion himself carefully chooses his fight, And it would be foolish and absurd for an antilope not to run when it sees a lion, just figure what drives you.

2nd figure out where you at now in life,

3rd figure out where you want to be

4th look up somebody that’s where you want to be.

5th figure out what this person does and does not do and ask yourself this ?

Would this person be watching porn ?

No so don’t do it

Would this person put in work at 5 Am?

Yes do it

Now your are not copying that person what your doing is you’re just adopting good habits and getting rid of bad habits. And remember live everyday like it is your last because it could very well be your last.

Edit: and do not care if people judge you for trying something new because at the end of the day there is only so much space for one person in a coffin witch means when you die, you die alone, they still are in the world of the living, so make sure not to have any regrets, don’t be scared to take actions, because your only able to takes actions for as long as you’re alive. And you won’t have any other chance.

The best time to start was yesterday or 10 years ago but the 2nd best time to start is now.