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Weak Foundations

November 2, 2020

A nice house built on a weak foundation is still a weak house.


There remains an undercurrent of guys who are red on the surface, but have a blue core. (My local village uncle, uncle Vas, classifies these people as red oreos). And its understandable...to an extent.

Unlike PUA or r Seduction which just consists of betas/bloopies who just want to learn some cool alpha tricks whilst still holding onto their normative beliefs, pre-conceived notions of women, sexual strategy and want to "respect wahmen", the Red Pill totally rejects the narrative in an uncompromising way. It demands you forget everything you know, replace it with a totally new perspective and it certainly does not cater to anyone's fee-fees. However, this creates a problem as it's easier to learn about shit tests, learn that lifting is good for you than it is changing your entire meta of how you see women, what to expect from them and how you approach sexual strategy as a whole.

To truly understand red pill, you must first nuke your blue pill foundations. Anything less is just promoting building on a weak foundation, so anything built on that, is probably going to be just as weak or at best subpar. The Red Pill is not something you just sprinkle onto yourself. It is YOU. And you are IT. This is why its hard to fully grasp it, and why there are those holding onto their blue ideals but want a red surface. That won't work.

You must destroy everything blue and THEN build.


  1. Your ideal woman, whatever that is, is STILL a woman. Still susceptible to the same laws. So, be careful projecting what your ideal woman should be like and what she should accept.

She will still respond to the same things as a normal woman would, and finds similar things just as repulsive. She will have the same exploits, programming, and functionality of that tinder hoe from last night.

There was a post detailing how you should never let a woman see you as weak, and it was disappointing to see a top comment suggesting that his ideal woman would somehow go AGAINST human nature and let him be open and vulnerable to her and somehow not find it unattractive. Women don't want to see a man weak. You showing weakness is screaming to her: "You chose an unworthy mate".

She's already anxious for 1 million tiny and dumb things, the last thing she wants is to get anxious over what is supposed to be her rock. Rocks don’t show weakness. Rocks don't bleed. If something is up, seek literally anyone else OTHER than a woman. A close friend, a sibling, a parent, a mentor, a therapist, asktrp (only if you promise not to be a sperg) etc.

Your ideal woman, whatever that is, is just as susceptible to human nature just like any other woman, and just like you. You cannot project the ideal that somehow she will go against her nature. It is biologically engrained for women to want men a certain way, and for men to want women a certain way.

Sure, there will be some variance, I might order these girls differently to you. I may prefer blondes, you may prefer brunettes, but nobody here would say any of these girls are ugly. My 2/10 will never be your 10/10 and vice versa. For example, any man who says this or this is attractive, we would all question him.


Men, just like women, are biologically programmed to want their partners a certain way. Asking a woman to accept a man being weak is like asking a man to accept a fat ugly feminist dance theory professor.

Women are like house cats, all of these cats individually are different but they all operate similarly, they all respond to similar things. They still have the same programming. So, when you find yourself talking about your ideal woman, ask yourself, "Am I asking her to go against her nature?"


- I dont want her be addicted to social media.

- I dont want her to be addicted to drugs.

- I dont want her to be needy/really jealous.

- I want her to cook for me.


- I want her to let me put on some weight during the LTR and still be attracted to me.

- I want to be able to lose frame with her sometimes.

- I want her to accept me being vulnerable, I want to open up to her without compromising on her attraction.

- I want to let myself go and make her fall in love with my personality.

See which set requires women to go against their nature?

2. Girls are sex objects. They are meant for fun, they are meant to de-stress your life.

They are not your mother, your partner/equal (how can a woman demand to be your equal when she wants someone smarter, taller, bigger and richer than her? ) nor your political debate buddy. Nor do they want to be. Make sure you are looking for the right things in a girl, don't look for "can I debate her politically" or "does she like marvel films". Politics for women is entertainment.

Women do not have political opinions.

They just mirror whatever their friends/family/close males say. They are way more susceptible to herd think than males, they lack testosterone and so are WAY less likely to take risks such as thinking contrary to the herd. Being outcasted from the herd is literally death for a woman. Similar thing for a man, but less so. At least he could defend himself until he found a new tribe, a woman alone in the wild is as good as dead. I'm sure some of you with LTR or even FWBs can also attest to how as the relationship progresses, the girl starts mirroring the same opinions/sentiments as you even if they never believed in such things and were maybe even against them. Can you blame them for this? Is this wrong?

No, that's just their nature.

Don't take their political opinions seriously, they are just naive little girls parroting what they hear whether its from their friends, media or Apollo, a [redacted] with anti-[redacted] tendencies. Learn to enjoy women for what they are, their femininity, their childlike mannerisms, their bodies, their youth.

You are meant to have fun with them. They want to have fun with you. They don't want to engage in political debates, nor do you. So why bother? Most people won't change their minds anyway. I've tried/maybe still am trying to Redpill a fairly liberal friend and it's not very fun nor easy.

Don't try to seek the masculine from the feminine. (Mandatory reading, also HIGHLY recommend reading all of u/Archwinger 's posts).

Girls are primarily for sex. Girls are primarily sex. So, let's keep it that way.

3. Sexual strategy is amoral and a zero sum game.

Amoral...not immoral.

What's the difference?

Amoral is not considering morals into the equation, immoral is factoring them in and doing what you wanted regardless. It's like business, you do not consider the morals of doing a deal, you only consider the practicality of it. You consider what you gain and what you lose. That doesn't mean you need to be raging bull destroying everything in your path, but it does mean you put yourself first. Always.


Because that's exactly what women will be doing. Do not let people try to moralise your dating strategy. Girls are definitely not thinking of morals when it comes to their strategy. Remember:

You owe them nothing. They owe you nothing. A girl is perfectly allowed to walk away and so are you.

YOU get to decide if you want to fuck a girl with a boyfriend or not. You are not responsible for upholding the contract between her and her boyfriend. She has her own agency to do what she wishes, as do you. Whether you choose to do any of this (or not) should less be a question of morals, but more so practicality. If the girl's boyfriend is your long time best friend, then you may want to consider that. Further reading on amorality of sexual strategy (don't want to write too much on this since this topic has definitely been written about before, its just that it may need some refreshing on):

- https://archive.is/G62qB . Read this comment thread by u/RedPillSchool. Sums it up pretty well.

- Look up "amoral" on the search bar and you'll find more detailed posts, a couple of notables ones were by illimitable man.

Sexual strategy is zero sum.

You only got laid because someone else didn't.

You only fucked that girl because you didn't fuck someone else.

A 8/10 girl only exists because a 2/10 one exists. To have a girl 3 points above average, you need a girl 3 points below average.

You are only in the top 20% because a bottom 80% exists.

Your lifting only increases your SMV, because others do not. If everyone looked like Zyzz (RIP sick kunt), nobody would actually be a Zyzz and nobody would have a SMV advantage in this sense.

Your game only works because others do not have any/have a subpar one.

Alpha fucks only exist because beta bucks exist and vice versa.

All equations are balanced.

4. You cannot be a liberal and also red pilled. They are opposites.

I’m not going to tell you what you CAN politically believe in because:

A) There are more politically versed guys on that.

B) Most of you just want to get your dicks wet, most of you are not at the stage thinking very critically about politics....yet.

Wasn’t there a Neo from this sub who suggested that the red pill and the manosphere at large is simply a Reaction to shitty politics causing lost and troubled men to seek help and answers in Safe spaces online? And didn't he also suggest that the cycle of truth seeking goes: Nothing>PUA>Red pill>Politics ?

C) Those politically attuned enough probably have figured out that there's only effectively 2 political ideas that TRP is compatible with. And if you thought it was Democrat or Republican, then you would get AH ZEEEROOO points.

(This means red pill is NOT compatible with democrats/republicans/liberals/tradcons for the spergs, none of them would accept your ideas from the red pill, that’s why you use alt accounts and are here on this forum learning how to get laid instead of learning literally anywhere else).

But I will tell you what you CANNOT believe in without being cognitively dissonant. You cannot be a liberal and still be red pilled.

Liberalism: body positivity, all bodies are beautiful and created equal.

TRP : Fat and skinny guys are not ideal bodies, all bodies are not equal. Thou shalt lift. This is rule one. No exceptions/no debates.

Liberalism: Women are goddesses, respect them, worship them!

TRP: Female nature is amoral, apathetic. Respect is earned. Women are far from perfect. They are fucked up, but we accept them for that. We don’t need to put them on a pedestal, and idealise them to accept them.

Liberalism: Equality for all! Share your resources, tax the rich to give it to the poor!

TRP: the sexual market is disproportionately distributed with 20% men getting 80% of the women. Here’s how you can become that top 20%.

Did the chads give you their plates when you weren’t getting laid? Would you give up your plates to some beta ? Would you tell your plate “actually don’t come over, go to billy betas house, he’s fat and plays video games all the day and he hasn’t gotten laid recently"? Did TRP try and get those chads before you or you to give up your plates? Or try to convince women to fuck guys who weren’t getting their share?

Heck no. None of those happened nor ever will.

TRP believes in meritocracy: you go out, work on yourself and reap what is rightfully yours. Liberalism believes the complete opposite.

The sexual market place is a completely deregulated hyper capitalist free market. There is no such thing as liberalism/communism  here.   

Liberalism: We are so oppressed, we are victims, nothing is in our control.

TRP: Everything is in your control, you can fix yourself, you are not oppressed, here’s what you need to know and now go and execute.

Sex is basic psychological need. It’s on the bottom of this pyramid.

Liberalism and their economics has failed you so much so that here you are..on this random online forum...listening to random internet assholes who you will never meet, to obtain a basic psychological need. Trp isn’t trying to solve anything complicated like world hunger, or time travel. It's literally trying to solve vast masses of men not being able to meet a basic psychological need.

How dysfunctional is that? Think how bad must be an ideology be where you struggle to meet a basic physiological need.


- Your "ideal" woman will still be a woman. Her nature will be just as of that as any other girl. Idealising her to go against her nature won't work. Understanding her and your nature, what attracts her and what doesn't, the difference between what she says she wants vs what she really wants, however, will work.

- Girls are sex objects, stop looking for masculine traits/abilities in women.

- Sexual strategy is amoral and zero sum. Do not let others tell you how to date or not. Consider for yourself what you want to do, and then do that.

- You can not be liberal and red pilled simultaneously.

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