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We're here for the unhappy losers

June 24, 2015

Something we often brush aside here at The Red Pill is actually one of the main reasons people are so quick to declare this entire body of information to be a pile of bullshit: Most men out there have some sexual success and end up married. Very few men die virgins or never find a wife if they really want one. Even unattractive, “beta”, loser guys get the occasional lay, have the occasional girlfriend, end up married, have a little sex, have a couple of kids, then die. It’s disingenuous of us to proclaim that only Red Pill men have sex, while all loser beta bluepill pansies are all celibate laughingstocks. Loser men still have some sex.

Instead of focusing on the sex, it’s important to focus on the real issue: happiness. We don’t prioritize ourselves, improve ourselves, educate ourselves on the new, modern rules for how male-female interactions work, and do all of this Red Pill bullshit just for sex. We do it because we want to be happier, sexual success being one thing that makes a man happy. Red Pill men are, generally, much happier than losers. Your average chump doesn’t have a lot of success with girls growing up. He might have the occasional girlfriend, might get lucky sexually, but by the time he’s in his 20s or 30s and is thinking about marriage, he’ll marry the first girl who agrees to date him (probably just the first, second, or third girl he’s ever fucked). He doesn’t know any better. Girls who agree to date him are a rare find. Hard to come by. Better not pass one up, or he might actually be alone forever. This loser man has never really been happy before, so he has no metric by which to determine whether marriage to a particular girl will make him happy or not.

This isn’t the girl’s fault. Let’s be honest about women. While it’s getting much, much worse, most women (at least women my age), average about 5 sexual partners before marriage, not the 10-20 (or more) we preach. (That number’s going up with each generation, though.) Still, most women enter marriage with generally good intentions. The trope of a 29 year old slut whose age is starting to show, only settling down because nobody wants to fuck her any more happens, but most women aren’t that extreme of a case. Women who marry are still kind of mildly doing that sort of thing (e.g., “I’m 26, want children, am sick of dating assholes, and need to get more serious, look at a man’s job/income/stability, and push for marriage”), but it’s not some massive attempt to game the system. They really want kids and a successful marriage, and really don’t understand why marrying someone who’s good on paper but not sexually attractive to them is doomed to failure. They don’t get it.

When you’re a woman (e.g., someone for who opportunities for sex come easily, regardless of how much or little you avail yourself of them), it’s hard to think of sex as a big deal. Marrying someone who will take good care of you long-term seems far more important than marrying someone you actually want to fuck. And unfortunately for the girls, guys that they actually want to fuck who are also great, faithful, long-term partners interested in marriage are hard to find. Because guys who are swimming in a lake of eager pussy aren’t generally interested in cutting the ride short and marrying an average girl.

But despite all the horrible stories we hear, many of these women don’t divorce or cheat on their men. Some do, but many never will. They just stay in mostly-unhappy marriages and live a lifestyle they couldn’t afford on their own, while having as little sex as possible with their husbands. Just enough to grease the wheels. They see it is a chore, and less experienced women actually think it’s normal to not desire sex with their husbands. Which leads them to see nothing wrong with benefitting from their husbands’ labor while never fucking him. After all, if it’s normal and everyone’s doing it, it can’t be wrong.

However, as much as we theorize about women and their romantic lifecycles, The Red Pill isn’t really about women. It’s about men. The problem with a loser man marrying a woman who isn’t thrilled at the idea of fucking his brains out on a nightly basis isn’t that the woman is benefitting unfairly from him. Sure, that’s not “fair,” but what do we care if a woman’s benefitting unfairly or not? I don’t care about her. I care about her husband. This loser man is going to spend the rest of his life unhappy. But he’ll never know it. He’ll think that this is just how life is. He’s never had multiple women competing to ride his cock. He’s always been desperate for a date, denied sex, and genuinely believes that having any woman willing to marry him and have occasional sex with him is an amazing blessing. When you’ve never really been happy before, you don’t realize how unhappy you are now.

The trope of a pussy-whipped husband begging for the slightest whiff of once-a-month sex from a wife who doesn’t desire him is so entrenched in society that we see it in sit-coms. Most men end up unhappily married to women who would rather read a book or watch TV than fuck them. They work all day supporting households, come home and do at least 50 percent (or more) of the house work (because if you don’t, you’re a misogynist), are always thinking of their wives and doing things for them (because you should never stop dating your wife and making her feel special!), but for the 27th night in a row, she goes to sleep after her backrub (or maybe just pretends to sleep to get out of sex), and her loving husband goes to bed disappointed again, but thinks this is normal. Deep down, he knows he’s not really happy, but he’s completely oblivious to how soul-crushingly unhappy he truly is. How beaten down and eaten away his soul has become.

When your very purpose – your very role as a husband or boyfriend, or as a man in general – is denied and cast aside as useless and unwanted, what are you? I submit to you that many of these poor, loser men in unhappy marriages and relationships, even though they’ve had a little sex, are in fact virgins in a sense. These men are going to die, never knowing what it’s like to have sex with a woman that actually wants them – that is burning with desire to fuck them. No agenda, nothing to gain, just sex with him, because she wants it, because she just respects and admires him so damn much that she can’t keep her hands off of him.

Stop reading for a second and take a moment to really think about this point: These men will live their entire lives, working their asses off, then die, never knowing what it’s like to have sex with somebody who actually wants them.

They went right from that awkward first time in high school to a few more times with a girlfriend trying to rope them into engagement, to married having once-a-month shitty duty sex with their nagging wife. They’ve never had real sex. They’ve never had a woman desperately want them. They’ve never been respected, admired, loved.

That’s the real crime in the modern dating-marriage scene. I don’t care if women benefit from a man’s labor. I don’t care if women piss all over unattractive men. I don’t care if manginas support women in these efforts. But there are unhappy men out there who are going to die, never knowing the sublime joy of actually being wanted, as a man. They’ve worked so hard for it, tried so hard, and yes, done a whole lot of shit wrong in the process, and they’ve never been happy. They don’t know what they’re missing. If you ask one, he’ll tell you he’s happy, has a loving wife, a couple of kids, a decent job, a house he can barely afford but it makes his wife happy. His wife nags the fuck out of him and keeps the marriage going with a trickle of duty sex once every 4-8 weeks, but he thinks that’s normal. He thinks that’s happiness. Deep down inside, he knows he’s not really happy, but he doesn’t know what to do. And he’s going to die before he’s ever really happy.

The Red Pill is here so that guy can find it.

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