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What IS the Red Pill (an explanation accessible to those who have not taken it).

March 4, 2014
  • What is the Red Pill?

The idea of a Red Pill is a metaphor from a bad science fiction movie. It references a scene where a character is given a choice between a blue pill which symbolizes a return to his comforting delusions, and a red one which awakens him to some very unpleasant truths about the reality he is living in.

So the words "Red Pill" just mean "unpleasant, but true".

  • So what do we mean by this metaphor, Red Pill?

Specifically, we use it to refer to a group of very unpopular and sometimes frightening observations about human mating behaviour, and about its effect on society. These ideas, while unpopular and often considered shocking, are empowering because they are more or less accurate generalizations of which most people in our culture are unaware. Sometimes wilfully so.

  • So why do we buy into these "Red Pill" ideas? Why do we believe they are true?

Because when we test them, we get the results we would expect if they were true. When we apply these ideas about human sexuality (basically, that it's not much different than the sexuality of other large primates) to our own sex lives, we are more able to predict and control what we get.

  • Do we really need the Red Pill? If so, why?

Yes, we do. Because our society has no win-win plan for men.

Throughout history, successful cultures have been those that linked their mechanisms of collective prosperity to mens' personal mating success. A society in which men who produce earn mating privileges... becomes a rich and successful society. A society which doesn't, stagnates.

This is because men are evolved to mate. It's our primary drive.

We live in a culture that either does not know, or refuses to admit, that men work and strive and risk so that they can have reproductive success: a pretty wife, or a lot of wives, or a vast array of star-struck, horny groupies, or a secure nest egg for their children and a safe space to raise them in, etc. Because of this, our culture has not presented men with a plan for how to act in order to achieve this. Instead, it has simply said: here is what we expect you to do for society. For your needs, you're on your own.

This is not a win-win situation. It's not a deal. It's not a social contract. It's exploitation if we go for it. And alienation if we don't. Because even men who achieve mating success in this culture did so on their own. Not as a result of benefiting society or following its plan.

So we cannot win by following the rules. The rules are intended to make us lose.

We have to make our own rules.

  • What's in the Red Pill?

The Red Pill contains the new rules roadmap that we have made. A new social "contract" with no one but ourselves and the laws of nature. Do this, and you will get mating privileges (whether that means a busload of sluts, or one wife who treats you right is up to you).

What it doesn't contain is "how to benefit society". And that's on purpose.

Society broke the contract first. It made a plan for our behaviour, with no win for us, and said, "You're on your own, boys".

So we've made a plan for our behaviour, with no win for society. You're on your own, economy. You're on your own, government. You're on your own, next generation. You're on your own, infrastructure. You're on your own, community. You're on your own, moral watchdogs. You're on your own, science and industry. You're on your own, feminists. You're on your own, women.

Because you bailed on us first.

  • What do we want from the Red Pill?

Not just sex.

What we want is control over our lives. Sex lives, yes, but also just plain lives.

Some understandable correlation between what we do, and what we get. Our grandparents had that. Our parents dismantled it, and replaced it with idealistic nonsense. The Greatest Generation gave birth to the worst one.

The Red Pill gives us autonomy. Yes, it's salted with alienation, but it's real autonomy, and it works.

  • What would it take for us to give up the Red Pill?

A social contract that works for us as well as society. It doesn't have to be the old one. It could be a new one. But it has to be win-win.

We are not at home to harangues. You will not shame us into going back to the plan of giving, and giving some more, and getting "you're on your own" in return. We no longer value your approval, because your approval comes with no benefits.

We are making our own societies of one, because yours has failed us. Make a new one that works, or shut up.

Ball's in your court, society.

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