What nobody tells you about marriage, from a married man

August 31, 2018

So hear me out... you may think, because I am married, I do not understand what goes on in this sub. What motivates you. What drives you. That I am against your beliefs. But I am very much in favor of a great many of the things you say.

Long story short... I started dating this cute girl when she was 18 and I was 20. She's this cute, perky, small thing... curly black hair, big brown eyes. Sexy body, sexy breasts, everything about her was fine... fast forward two years, she's 20 and I'm 22, and we find out she's pregnant (before anyone asks: yes the kids are mine, tested and all). Anyway... she get's pregnant. And we keep it. We even get married. We have gorgeous daughter. So far, so good.

Sex continues to be regular, believe it or not. We have our ups and downs and periods when it's less, but remains pretty solid. Over the next years we have two more kids. But things start to deteriorate. First thing to go was her body. This is a big deal to a lot of men, myself included, and I'll share these things because I think too many men are NOT aware of what pregnancy and motherhood does to a woman's body. It completely fucks it up. Ruins it.

The first baby we had did not yet deal the killing blow to my wife's body. In fact she got hotter in some ways; her perky and small breasts got a little fuller, slightly less perky. Her nipples grew to be very large, which to me was a major turn-on. She gained some weight, which mostly went to her hips and ass and didn't bother me. Her pussy was less tight, but this, too, did not bother me as I am not lacking in size. She gained some stretch marks, again, it's okay with me. I mean, I loved her! I didn't mind.

But the next baby came. And her stretch marks got worse. Her breasts got bigger, and more saggy. Her belly no longer went back to being as flat as it used to be, right after baby number one. She didn't 'bounce back' anymore it seems. She still looked good in clothes, but less good out of them. When she started breastfeeding baby number two while dieting, at the same time, this completely fucked up her breasts. Not only did they become saggy like those African women on an old National Geographic Magazine, they also shrank down a lot. Like tiny little veiny bags, eached topped with a gigantic plum-like nipple that no longer belonged to me, but to that baby.

She got skinnier. Her ass shrank. She barely had any breasts to speak of, and only looked good in special pants and in a bra that suited her figure and pushed up her boobs. With make up she still looked good. Even in her late twenties, now she looks good to the naked eye. Her face is cute. Her slender body, while clothed, looks fine. Few men realise how ugly, stretched out, bloated, scarred and saggy even a young woman can be after countless fucks and a few babies. How completely and utterly ruined their bodies become.

Behavior-wise, she got fucking mean. Called me useless. Called me all sorts of names. Did not appreciate me even as I am trying my hardest always to be the best father to our three children. I've been with a few girls prior to our relationship. I wonder if age, marriage, and in some cases motherhood, has treated these girls any kinder. But I doubt it, honestly. I think the biggest and harshest Red Pill I had to swallow is that women age disgustingly. Milk, rather than fine wine. At thirty I look better than I ever did. I'm fitter, more in shape, more muscular and overall more attractive than I was when I first married. But my wife is but a shell of her former self.

Now for the rest of my life, provided we do not divorce or whatever (which, in some ways, would even feel like a release), I will have to wake up to this woman. Stretch marks. Saggy tits. Enormous wrinkly nipples covering most of her chest. Flabby, toneless belly. Negative attitude towards me, and caring only about looking good *on the surface* for others... meanwhile, I get to see the real picture every day. And it ain't pretty. Yes we still fuck. Very regularly. It's only really good anymore when it's a hate fuck really. I am simply not attracted to her anymore and haven't been for a long time. I realize this now. I freely admit it. It's like I am a married man, faithful to a fault, dutiful. And yet I was cucked, not by any other man, but by Mother Nature itself. And by society's unrealistic expectations.

TL;DR: I married a cute girl, she turned into a harpy. Her once sexy body quickly deteriorated and now I will have to live the rest of my life with a woman I detest and who detests me, while pretending to the outside world and to our children that we love each other deeply. And fuck a pussy I am disgusted by for the rest of my earthly days while those of my bro's who were smart enough not to get locked down continue to fuck hot twenty-something pussy and discarding it when necessary.

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