What The Red Pill Can't Teach You About Corona Virus

February 20, 2020

I know what you're thinking. Coronavirus? The Red Pill is a forum on sexual strategy. What does a highly contagious pandemic have to do with me engaging in intimate sexual contact with randos? How does a virus that prompts people to hide their faces under n95 respirators, avoid public gatherings and become hyper-vigilant about hygiene affect my ability to kiss close? For all the sperglords here who lack lateral thinking and are completely confused, this post is not for you. Exit out of this article and go back to your sad and very confusing life.

Now that we segregated the spergs to the tard-yard, we can have a deep conversation about a serious multifaceted issue. While we are still in the early stages of the outbreak and we don't know all of the details yet, it is however clear that Coronavirus presents a significant disruption of the supply chain and global economy. The key takeaway here for the Red Pill is that any major disruption whether it be political like Donald Trump 2016, social like the migrant crisis in Europe 2015 or economic like the financial bailouts of 2008, cause the Overton window/Matrix to glitch as it updates.

What you are going to see during this disruption is exactly what happens during every other disruption: large organizations lying, censoring, and controlling information, as well as bloopies contorting themselves in incredibly bizarre ways to believe the narrative. Understand that three and four letter agencies like the CDC and FEMA are primarily concerned with crisis management. Information coming from these organizations is designed to prevent disorderly panic, not give you the truth or save your life. They will lie up until the last possible moment to prevent panic and when the truth is finally exposed they won't face any consequences.

A good model for what's to come is the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (https://youtu.be/TpCb3xjh-Kk), when people were told that there was no cause for alarm and that the situation was completely under control even while everything spiraled out of control. Expect the media and analogous government agencies to behave exactly the same way this time around as they did last time around. Also expect Normies aka people low in truth seeking behavior and high in comfort seeking behavior, to contort themselves wildly as the official narrative quickly changes and previous "conspiracy theories" are proven to be true. The difference this time around is that it's not your grandmother's pension fund that's going to get devastated, it's your lungs filling with fluid and you dying of pneumonia.

This brings me to an aspect of the epidemic that can only be discussed here on the Red Pill: women. Women are a liability during a health crisis as they work a disproportionate percentage of healthcare and education jobs. This means that even if you take all of the necessary sanitary precautions, you could still get infected because your weener wrangler thought it was a good idea to work in a hospital or in a school surrounded by stinky dirty children who cough directly in her mouth. Islam is right about women. If all of us made our women sit at home weaving carpets and observe Sharia rules on modesty less people would contract the disease and die. This is a scientific fact. Praise be to Allah. Treating women like people instead of property leads to more infection and death.

In writing this article I was careful not to make any claims about the Coronavirus. The last thing I want is for someone to write an article saying we are spreading conspiracy theories about how the United States which has previously deployed biological weapons against livestock and nations manufactured the Corona Virus to cripple its largest geopolitical adversary. The Red Pill definitely doesn't benefit from negative publicity and we don't want any of that.

What I am saying is that as Red Pill men we know what it's like to be on the receiving end of information warfare. We've been the target of media disinformation campaigns, purple pill gatekeepers and censorship. We also know how normies don't understand probabilities, think in black and white, and have an everything is going to be ok normalcy bias. We know how all of the above was deployed to combat our discussion of marriage and masculinity, so we have a rough idea of what methodologies and social dynamics to expect with the Coronavirus.

Instead of spending hours smiling at a fluorescent screen and complimenting GoneWild Butt Sluts, you should be lifting heavy weights and reading difficult books. I've mentored thousands of men through fitness and philosophy coaching, here are a few of their experiences in their own words. You can contact me through that link or shoot me a PM if interested.

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