As a man who is trying to achieve dating success, the biggest mistake you can make is assuming that women are dumb. They are not. In fact, when it comes to judging men, nobody does it better than women. Nobody can judge a man more quickly and effectively than a woman. It's their biological imperative. They HAVE to be good at sorting men out. They are WIRED for it. It's how they're built.

With that out of the way, we move to the heart of the topic. Generally speaking, there are 3 types of women on Tinder. They are as follows:

Type 1: Women who are looking for sex, sex, and nothing else. Their biography section is either empty or contains a cryptic one-liner, and their pictures generally show them in attractive poses and skanky outfits. Don't make the mistake of trying to have a long and intelligent conversation with a Type 1, because for her that's an instant turn-off. She's not looking for someone to fall in love or become friends with; she just needs a douchey Chad to fuck her brains out and exit her life the second he becomes a liability. She wants somebody that she won't get attached to.

Type 2: Women who are curious about Tinder and don't yet know exactly what they want. They're generally more open to having interesting conversations, and their bios are fairly clever and descriptive. A Type 2 woman is more likely to be interested in what you have to say about yourself, and will make an effort to reciprocate. If you manage not to fuck it up, you might even score a date with her. Go to the date and never be a dick to her, even if you don't plan to continue hanging out with her.

Type 3: Women who are looking for validation, validation and nothing else. They generally have short or non-existing biographies, and most of their pictures are taken from very flattering angles. They LOVE receiving compliments; that's the reason they're on Tinder to begin with. They generally show no interest in ever meeting you or having a decent conversation with you. Some of them aren't even single.

This is a 1st draft, open to further editing and revising. Feedback is appreciated.

Bros before hoes. Always. Those who betray fraternity for the sake of pussy deserve neither.