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What "vision" means to a leader of men.

May 26, 2015

Not long ago, /u/Fred_Flintstone gave us this:


... treating as a text on how to deal with a shit test. This was a fairly good read, but I believe that there is more value to be had here.

Because when we speak of leadership in terms of having a plan or direction which others are inspired to follow, we introduce the concept of vision.

But what is vision, apart from a vague and really cliched way to praise some boring congressional candidate from a flyover state? Vision is the ability to see. When a man has vision, he sees things. When he has extraordinary vision, he sees things further away, in space or time, than others do.

We can see this at work if we mentally examine the possibility that perhaps in this video, Putin is actually answering the reporter's question.

It seems like a nonsequitur, and one with a dick joke, at that, but what's really going on? Let's run it through our subtext translator.

Reporter: {In taking military action against violent muslim extremists in Chechnya, you are going to get some poor innocent people hurt.}

Vlad: {Do you wish to become a muslim? Because those are your two options, dude.}

The reporter sees the world in terms of individuals. Violent muslim terrorists who must regrettably be stopped, with minimum force, and nice innocent muslims standing right next to them. Putin sees the world in terms of cultural, economic, and geopolitical forces. Islam is on the rise, and these terrorists are not lone criminals, they are the claws and teeth of a much larger beast, one that acts not through plans and intent, but aggregate actions of populations.

Pull the claws and blunt the teeth, or your daughters will be wearing bhurkas.

Religions and cultures are ideas at war for control of the human populations. Human populations, united by cultures, are in a slow-motion war against each other to spread and control territory and resources. The threat Putin is addressing is not some bad guys blowing up a church. It's the slow spread of a foreign and backwards culture that doesn't care much for his people, or their values.

It's so cliched as to be almost meaningless to say that leaders must see the big picture, but to shape the future, a man must understand the forces that make it the way it is... whether that is the future of nations and cultures, or of that man's own life.

We see an example of this lack of vision in men who get married. They know the divorce rate is 51%. They know about the cultural forces leading up to this. But they are only capable of seeing their lives in terms of the individuals around them. Their snowflake would never do that to them. They are unable to imagine how their lives are shaped by larger, aggregate forces of cultural trends, ideas, demographics, and other emergent, aggregate forces.

Without this kind of vision, we do stupid things because we are driving with the headlights off.

This is why TRP haters see us as "excessively paranoid" or "misogynist", "over-generalizing" or what have you. Because where they see individual people, and every circumstance being different and unclassifiable, we see interactions between people as being affected and even controlled by larger forces within their society, the nature of which we discuss and pick apart.

Vision is the act of broadening the scope of one's perspective to understand what is really going on.

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