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Steve Jobs' ex, whom he never married, raised his daughter, both of whom he still saw and supported. 20 years later, even after his death, she feels entitled to $25 million for her "efforts" raising his blood.


Chrisann Brennan was Steve Jobs' on-and-off girlfriend from his late teens through his early 20s. Though they never married, he impregnated her at that time with a daughter. He denied paternity for the first few years but was forced by the court to take a paternity test. He was proven the father and began paying $500 child support/month, eventually up to $4000 (in 1980s money). He took Apple public shortly thereafter and became wealthy instantaneously. He occasionally visited his daughter, and "Over the years after their daughter’s birth, Jobs bought Brennan two cars and a $400,000 house, paid Lisa’s private school tuition, and at times offered other financial help. Despite this, Brennan filed for bankruptcy in 1996." His ex would be on and off welfare and moving from one shitty art job to another until, well, now. Jobs' daughter lived with him at times, and he paid for her education at Harvard (though he cut off her at one point over some argument). Sidenote: Girl probably got in because she is his daughter.

By 2005, his ex, again in poverty, requested an "acknowledgment gift" of $25 MILLION (for herself) + $5 MILLION (for their now-grown daughter) as penance for his "dishonorable behavior." She even wrote, “I have raised our daughter under circumstances that were all together too tough and tougher than they needed to be....Obviously it was all the more confusing and difficult because you had so much money….Something is incomplete….I believe that decency and closure can be achieved through money. It is very simple.” And what does Jobs do? He ignores her.

However, in 2009, his ex wants to write a tell-all memoir about her relationship with him. She's still bankrupt and sick but tries to blackmail him: “I am asking you for the last time to please set up a trust for me for my life....I do not want to cause conflict with you but I must do something. I have been ill for 3 years and I just do not have a choice anymore….No one is going to be impressed with either of us in this book and it will hurt Lisa who never deserved any of this. The choice is yours. Please consider providing me with $10,000 for a few months and working out a trust. You and I cannot talk because I am too ill and on a hair trigger…. Given my circumstance, I am moving as fast as I can to have the money I need to live, it is either you or the book.”

Jobs again did nothing. Years later, days after he passed away, Brennan wrote an essay in Rolling State about their romance, even mentioning how much of a "despotic jerk" he was. She later reached out to Jobs' actual widow to request a portion of his estate, which again went unanswered.

A few more choice statements from her:

"I should have received the peaceful experiences that wealth provides so I could provide for Lisa as she was growing up….To me this balances what I have done for you.”

“I am requesting we close this chapter forever....Money is the only meaningful thing that can do it at this point. All the years that I have lost as a result of a sort of theft from dishonorable behavior can heal and be forgiven.”


Basically, Jobs' baby mama (but not wife) has long felt entitled to a chunk of his wealth. He may not have been the best father, ducking child support at first and being only partially involved in his daughter's life, whom he probably got into Harvard anyway and paid for, but that's up for debate. However, his ex, for whom he had bought a large house and two cars, as well as other financial aid, pissed it all away. She somehow went bankrupt AFTER he helped her out and has been on and off welfare for almost 20 YEARS. 20 YEARS. She argues so shamelessly that Jobs robbed her of some wealth to which she was entitled and that she did him a favor by raising his daughter. In the end, she repeatedly says that a check is proper compensation for all her hard work as a mother (not the actual joy of being a mother). She denies any agency in her own situation and also can't even take ownership of her words (see "a sort of theft from dishonorable behavior can heal"...a sort of theft... it is theft or it is not theft, honey). She also blackmails Jobs but again claims that it's all in his hands and that she doesn't "want" to do this to him. She ended up publishing the memoir anyway.

Luckily Jobs did not marry this crazy lady and mostly stayed away from her demands. However, I personally want to know what goes through a woman's head when she sees a wealthy ex. Do dollar signs and visions of yacht excursions absorb their thoughts? I cannot imagine she would feel so entitled if Jobs was just a clerk at Radioshack. Then she might lose her delusions of financial grandeur and actually get a real job. It sickens me that anyone pays her for interviews and memoirs. Her whole damn identity to the public is tied to Jobs (and HIS achievements), but anything for 15 minutes of fame. She's a leech that shouldn't be fed anymore blood but should be left out in the sun to rot away.