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Whisper's Comprehensive Guide to the Shit Test

October 12, 2018

What is a shit test?

Female attractiveness is clearly obvious to even the most casual of observers. Beauty, femininity, and approachability, the three pillars of female SMV, are all on display in any girl you can see, hear, and speak with.

Male attractiveness, being basically a rubric for "how useful would this guy be during a riot or zombie apocalypse?", is less evident from casual interaction. While muscularity can be seen, wits, nerve, resourcefulness, persistence, and other behavioural qualities cannot.

Men can passively observe attractiveness, but girls must actively probe for it.

Enter the shit test, wherein a girl gives a man a hard time ("some shit") to see how well he copes with it. This takes a number of different forms, and can be at pretty much any level of intensity, but if a girl suddenly does something that seems intended to bother you, and is totally unprovoked, you can be pretty sure you're being shit-tested.

This is generally an indicator of interest (IOI). If a girl cares how attractive you are, it's usually because she is considering mating with you, consciously or not. Successfully pass a shit test, and she will feel more attracted to you. Fail it, and she'll feel less.

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