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Who the fuck posted this on couchsurfing?

November 9, 2014

Subject: Red Pill Men in the NYC?

"What is life in nyc like? Is it as bad as it seems in terms of entitlement, white knighting etc or is nyc different from the rest of the US?

I have no idea and would really like to get a breakdown from a local who knows whats up. They are rare but they do exist on couchsurfing.

Take care!"

To the guy who posted this (not posting the name), if you see this, stop discussing TRP in non-manosphere spaces, especially sites where your real name and picture are shown. Not only could it result in blacklisting within the decidedly non-RP couchsurfing community, but you also won't get any real answers as you can see from the 5 responses you've got.

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