Why are there so many abusive men?

May 26, 2014

Abusing a woman is a horrible idea for a number of reasons. There are serious legal consequences. Being known as a woman beater isn't exactly a badge of honor. Its a great way to limit future contact with women. Its frowned upon and extremely taboo. There is no benefit to abusing women, only cost. Despite everything you hear and everything you've been told, why would there be so many male abusers with such strong disincentives in place?

In reality, male abuse isn't that prevalent in the west. However, there are a lot of incentives for women to claim abuse. Here are couple, among many others.

Black and White Retroactive Thinking: A lot of people are philosophically challenged. They are incapable of understanding something without believing it. They can't see both sides of an issue and accuse those who can of siding with the enemy. Osama Bin Laden attacked the United States as reprisal for military presence in Saudi Arabia. Japan began invading countries in the Pacific to guarantee reliable access to oil. Am I a Nazi and an Islamic fundamentalist at the same damn time? The autists at bluepill probably think so. They also think this post supports domestic abuse. Likewise, many women employ the same logic when it comes to relationships. My boyfriend is good, my five ex-boyfriends are bad and abusive. A mature way of thinking about previous relationships, is understanding that both parties made mistakes and that while it didn't work out, it was pretty cool while it did. Many women are not capable of such complex reasoning.

A Culture of Victimhood: If anything is fashionable in America its victimhood. Figuring out a reason why you are the victim is a great excuse to talk about yourself at length. It could be a Native American great grandparent, a self inflicted eating disorder or your parent's divorce. If anyone tries to stem your flow of self pity, they are quickly declared insensitive and possibly racist. Having an imaginary abusive relationship is a great way for women to get attention, as if Facebook Instagram and Snapchat weren't enough to feed their narcissism.

No Female Accountability: Have you ever called out a woman? You fucked up Sandra. You really fucked the team. The entire project is ruined because you are only capable of answering OkCupid messages and not important business communication. Sandra starts crying. Everyone is now more concerned about her feelings than her performance and you are now officially an asshole. Women don't get called out at anywhere near the same frequency as men and as a result, are less accountable in general. If a woman is notified of conclusive evidence that proves that she is lying, she can say something like "I was confused." That's a good enough excuse for most people. Men are held to a higher standard. If a man kills his wife he is a murderer. If a woman kills her husband with no provocation and without imminent fear for her life, she had battered woman syndrome. At that point murder gets mitigated to manslaughter. Hooray for justice and equality under the law.

If a woman casually tells you that she was abused you have reason to be suspicious. Real abuse is painful and difficult to talk about. Its not something that can be casually dropped after a yoga class on the way to Whole Foods. A lot of women are narcissists and liars. There is nothing wrong in saying that because its true.

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