Summary: Women don't like thinking for themselves, so they default to passively accepting whatever they're presented with.

Body: Back when I was a boy and didn't have much experience with women, I always rejected the statement "people are attracted to confidence." This seemed like a huge lie to me, because, well... because it is. The correct statement is "women are attracted to confidence."

See, my problem was that I knew confidence wasn't attractive. I was attracted to hot girls. A fat girl being overtly confident was not only unattractive, it was annoying and even arrogant. I knew men are attracted to good-looking women and there was no way around it. That's why I didn't present myself confidently, because I was sure it wouldn't work. My mistake was assuming women think the same way.

This has been explained to death in TRP and you can read the top posts if you don't get it yet, but basically women aren't just attracted to looks, they're also attracted to intangible traits that you don't immediately see. That's why they have to use hints to figure out whether you have these traits. There are many hints, but the two I'll talk about are social proof and confidence.

Confidence and social proof are attractive to women because they free women from the burden of having to think for themselves. Imagine a girl you aren't attracted to at all. Now imagine all the dudes around you think she's hot. Your thoughts are going to be either "they're lying" or "these fucking idiots are desperate and have shit taste." This is called "thinking for yourself", which is something you do because you're a man.

Now you're a woman presented with the same thought experiment. Some dude is unattractive, but all the girls around you act like he's hot shit, and he acts like it, too. If you know women, you'll know what thoughts come at this point: "Maybe there's something to him I didn't see", "I wonder what it is about him", "I bet there's a good reason all those girls want him", "I bet he acts like he's hot because girls treat him that way all the time."

You see, women don't have the intellectual backbone to consider that all the other women are just stupid. Because recognizing attractive traits is a hard and subtle process, they immediately trust other women's opinions.

In case you don't understand how this relates to confidence: confidence is acting like you have social proof. Confidence happens as a result of success. If you're talking to a girl and acting like she's supposed to be receptive, this means girls were receptive to you in the past. When you act like you have only ever known sexual success, women will just instantly assume you've always succeeded with other women in the past. This is easier than questioning you.

tl;dr: Do not expect women to be intellectually curious, they are not going to question the information society feeds them. If everyone around them acts like you're hot, they'll just accept that you must be hot. If you act like all girls always think you're hot, they will again accept that you must be hot.

Edit: DISCLAIMER: Reading over this I feel I should clarify. Confidence is not an alternative to lifting and looking good. There is a limit to how much women are going to suspend their disbelief, this shit isn't going to make up for being ugly as fuck. LIFT, DRESS WELL, WORK ON YOUR APPEARANCE. Confidence is here to supplement being a good-looking guy, it's not something you can try instead of lifting. GO LIFT, there are no excuses or alternatives.