usually, i am more on the mgtow side of the red pill sphere. but when i get bored, i hop on bumble and get on some dates. i specifically say bumble, because that is where the most feminists / leftist women are. i love dating feminists. you don't ever have to commit, the price for their p**sy is the lowest of all women, and the best benefit of all: when they get attached to you, they will always pay for your stuff. case in point: last year i got to know a girl, always applying RP game, and on the first date we had sex. then, it was time to pull back and so i did. she hit me up multiple times a day even though she told me in the first place that she wasn't interested in a serious relationship. she always wanted to talk and do stuff together etc. and i occasionally went out with her. thats where i discovered that every time it's time for the bill, she insisted on paying. so i absolutely took advantage of the se situations. fast forward to today, she has invested more than 10'000 CHF (about 11'000$) in the 'relationship', while i haven't spent a single penny. also, nowadays she's always asking for a relationship..

thank you red pill for existing!