Why NAWLT is the Beta Battle Cry.

January 22, 2014

If your a Red Pill veteran you've probably seen your fair share of: Not All Women Are Like That. Every week there is a post about a formerly married man, whose whole life got destroyed because his wife decided to trade up, followed by some tool in the comments explaining NAWLT for the nth time.

There are two equally valid ways of understanding NAWLTers:

Traditional: Look at this beta loser, herd thinker, doesn't he realize that the upvotes he gets on reddit are not redeemable for vagina tokens? He's probably a reasonably intelligent middle class dude, because he's on here entertaining himself with debate. Why can't he see the big picture?

Gestalt: Lets say your a very high status male like a professional poker player in Vegas. Every day married women throw their vaginas at you and hide their wedding rings in their bras. After a couple of months of the ass parade you realize the hypergamus nature of women. Or maybe you're a rapper and with your fame and fortune comes a tidal wave of pussy. After months of not working to get laid because your money does the job for you, you conclude that bitches ain't shit. You then proceed to Toot it and boot it.

If your in the upper middle part of the male spectrum, you still have to work to get laid but its on easy mode. Maybe your a firefighter and women go out of their way to thank you in the super market. Maybe you're tall, fit and attractive and after the twentieth lay, you've started noticing how women start rationalizing away their relationship before gobbling your dick. Or maybe you're just a doctor or lawyer making over 100k and how women interact with you has changed substantially after you got out of professional school. Not all top 20% men see the light, but their chances of holding Red Pill beliefs are substantially higher than the rest of the population.

Finally there is the Beta. The Beta suffers from a scarcity of women. So each women he interacts with becomes a magic princess to be cherished and worshiped. The beta doesn't know many women. Doesn't interact with many women. Hasn't had many women care enough to fully open up to him. The beta's fantasy of what women are like will never fully live up to how women actually are. Therefor the beta has no choice but yell Not All Women Are Like That, when his fantasy is challenged.

A common Ad Hominem attack on Red Pill is that we're clueless virgins. But who is more likely to call all women hypergumus sluts, the clueless virgin or the guy who gets his dick sucked by married women?

I rest my case.

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