At first.


Anyone who has experienced the challenge and difficulty of overcoming, and ultimately defeating, an addiction knows why defeating it is so hard. Generally, there are two forms of addiction, physiological and psychological. Physiologically, withdrawal symptoms set in and gain in intensity usually within the first 24-48 hours. After 3-4 days, the symptoms subside, and physiologically the body and brain have adjusted to the new normal, and are no longer require the offending substance or activity. This is not the difficult part of overcoming addiction. Psychologically, the habitual use forms a challenging pattern of behavior, and it is this part of the addiction that is difficult to overcome.

Building new habits, committing to change and altering one's lifestyle is not easy. And for many, it is too difficult to overcome and they succumb to their psychological addiction and begin anew. It is for this reason that people must quit several times before they succeed. The comfort and familiarity of their addiction is hard to surrender, they have to want something new, to change, to be different than they once were in order to succeed.

The Red Pill is no different.

Red Pill Truths Are not the Cure

Any man who has climbed out of the pits of beta-dom via the knowledge of TRP can affirmatively state the difficulty of having to change their mindset, accept reality as it is, and take steps into a new world. Many fall back into the allure of their past, the simplicity, the safety of the familiar, only to be faced with the truth again, and again and again. Some say that TRP is wrong, or that parts of it are, or tell themselves any manner of lies in order to reconcile the extreme cognitive dissonance- each of which is an excuse to justify their addiction to their past life.

It is an addiction, and TRP is not the cure, but the world to someone who is not addicted. Hedonism and external validation are potent drugs to the mind. Talk to someone who is struggling with addiction or is in denial about their addiction and the problems it causes for them. What excuses do they provide? How do they defend their choices? How do they deny the truth? Some may attack or belittle you, some may even get worse.

People who are plugged in react in much the same way. They deny it, they call you names, they may get violent. The truth doesn't set them free, it only shows them the truth about themselves, a harsh reflection unencumbered by their conditioning. And like many a story involving such a mirror, seeing themselves so nakedly, it is mind-shattering. To be set free, they must choose freedom and pursue it. Much like an addict who successfully breaks their addiction. They admitted they had a problem, and chose, deliberately, to be better than they were.

The Red Pill is difficult because it is choosing to break the addictions you have comfortably settled into. The truth isn't hard, it's just the truth. Accepting that you have a problem and taking the steps to rid yourself of it, that is hard. Your hedonistic lifestyle and incessant denial that "you are good enough" is comforting when the alternative is facing the fact that you are not.

Accept It

Like all addicts, if you are addicted, you will undoubtedly face the choice to be more than you are more than once. It is up to you and you alone to take it and pursue improvement like you never have before. And I know you never have before, because if you had, you wouldn't be here now.

Stare at the stark reality of your failure. Understand that you are responsible for it. Accept that you can stay where you are, or, accept that you have the power to choose, to choose something different.

The world awaits those who make the right choice. I think you know what to do.