• typo, I wrote ultimately be about when I should have left out be and just said ultimately about

Summary: I talk about why this sub is ultimately about getting laid and doing better with women and should remain that way. A part of my post attacks this notion about users trying to make the red pill about something a lot more, eventually making it lose its meaning. FFS, read the sidebar!

The post:

Read the sidebar, no seriously, read it. Go through and read the fucking sidebar and then tell me what the red pill is about. Before you decide to get your fucking panties up in a bunch, read the fucking sidebar and then post. I am making this post to push against this whole belief that the red pill is not just about women and sex.

The sub is eventually about sexual strategy, meaning ways for guys to make themselves more appealing to women and get laid. From what I have read, the sub is not about finding yourself or a therapy session where you can have someone hear about your unfair past (awww poor baby!). If you read the sidebar, guess what? It is about sexual strategy for the most part. The reason this sub is so great is because you can have politically incorrect discussions on getting laid, meeting women, and seeing women for what they really are.

Now we've had guys come in and try to change the meaning of the sub trying to say how it is about more than just getting laid and sexual strategy, it's not! I proud of you for making gains at the job and getting a nice paying job but the fact of the matter is most of you came here so you can do better with the opposite sex or because you got burned by a woman and wish you knew better. We try to downplay the importance of getting laid and having sex with women as if it is some sort of a sin but people of the red pill sub, that is what this entire sub is about. The sub is about changing that guy who sees women as these perfect creatures, has them on the pedestal, and doesn't get laid into a guy that sees them for who they are and gets laid.

Before you decide to attack me, hear my short story, I was that guy!

I was that guy who had the nice body, above average looks, and a nice salary but felt incomplete in life. Everyday I would see guys with a lower market value than mines getting girls that I felt attracted to, it pissed me off. I spent some of my nights watching porn or home alone by myself because I did not know how to attract women. After months if not a year of work, I finally changed my luck and let me tell you, getting laid feels amazing! Having sex with hot girls is an amazing feeling!

If you're the guy who has a nice body and is so well read on classic literature yet spends his weekends watching porn because he can't attract women, I have some news for you, your journey is not complete! I am glad that the red pill taught you to lift weights and read good books but please shut up and stop giving life advice to guys on here. Not telling you to go out there and chase girls, it's your life, but don't give anyone on here advice about women and sex if you aren't getting any.

If I wanted to advice on how to get a nice body, I would have gone to a sub for that. If I wanted career advice, I would not have come to the red pill for that.

I came to the red pill to share my experiences with attracting women and read the experiences of others that can benefit me, nothing else.

Because once you make it about more than just sexual strategy, the sub loses its meaning.

What makes the red pill unique is that you can talk about attracting women in an environment where political correctness is not a big deal. The lack of political correctness allows guys to share some amazing advice relating to women and getting laid that not even PUAs and dating coaches will tell you. You can share advice on this sub that no other place will give you. Some of the advice about attracting women shared here helps guys who cannot get that kind of advice in real life where everyone tells them "be yourself". Do not make this sub into something it is not!

Lessons learned:

The red pill is about sexual strategy, if you disagree, read the fucking sidebar!