cock stare

TL;DR dopamine, men get hooked with the promise of "maybe" and that causes pedestalization, women get dosed frequently and become tolerent to its effect so have to seek it more.

Body: The video Sapolsky - Dopamine, Anticipation, & Relationships was an eye opener. someone that is better at this than myself should go through this guys work and have a field day with it. excellent stuff.

i suspect that women "know" this, whether they know the mechanics behind it or not. They know they can condition the beta to behave the way they want him to by giving him the idea that "maybe" he will get sex.

Lesson learned: dont be a "lever pressing monkey".

edit: video here

edit 2: example: the new relationship "honeymoon phase" where there is frequent sex teaches you to press the lever and get the reward, albeit the input needed to get the reward is minimal the programming is there. after the honeymoon phase the girlfriend/wife starts to give out the reward half the time introducing the maybe, the longer this goes on the less frequent the "reward", causing more dependence and higher spikes in dopamine given in the anticipation of "reward". oneitis is the outcome.