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Why would a man *pretend* that his wife is a tyrant?

August 24, 2015

Welcome to your daily dose of mainstream insanity, designed to remind you just how retarded the things we are allowed to say can be - just so long as it licks the boots of women everywhere.

TL:DR - Article defends beta marriages by dismissing the man's feelings and encourages everyone else to dismiss it because feminism and if you don't agree you're basically just a racist. (Enjoy your attempts to keep up with this exceptional level of male hamster from the mangina poster-boy.)

Link to the article. - Two things I want to do with this example, firstly I'm going copy and paste a few of the more insane things said. (I honestly can't fathom how this man could ever have become a "professional" writer. His use of language is disgraceful because he seems unable to actually communicate. He's under the impression that throwing random buzzwords together will communicate a point. All it communicates to me is that he's stupid, feminised and desperate for validation.) Then I'm going to show how it's all already explained by Red Pill theory.

A generation ago, one of the worst things you could say of a man was that he was under the proverbial thumb at home. Whatever the reality of his domestic power structure, no chap wanted to be seen by his mates and colleagues as anything other than the one who wore the trousers behind closed doors. [...] Nowadays though, many are desperate for the world to believe they are henpecked in the home.

What? Why would any man want this?

The typical culprit is the middle-class man who has reached that symbolic moment in life when, full of regret, he consigns his acoustic guitar to the attic. Then, the moment he is in all-male company, out pour the denunciations of his better half.

Oh right... everything now makes total sense. Any man who thinks his wife is anything but perfect must be bitter and resentful that his life didn't turn out better. Standard nonsense that men are to blame for everything... even their own complaints are all their fault.

Red Pill Reality: This is a man trapped in a beta marriage. He has no spine and acts in a very feminine manner. While he does everything his wife wants, he gets no reward for his kindness/sacrifices and instead goes to his friends for sympathy over his plight, because guess what! Men have emotions too! He can sense his own unhappiness but believes he's not quite doing things well enough to deserve happiness. See No More Mr Nice Guy for further details.

So relentless is this man's effort to build an image of himself as a hopeless minion, that it cannot be inadvertent. I've been in social scenarios where it's even become competitive: a 'wimp-off' between a group of men, scrapping to mythologise their respective spouses as the bossiest, most possessive and least reasonable nag of them all. [...] And then one meets one of them and – surprise! – they turn out to not be the dreadful despots their husbands had implied.

Ah yes, what's a good blue piece without a good dose of combining shaming tactics with dismissal of their views as completely unthinkable. This hamster is gathering pace.

Red Pill Reality: A demonstration of the deeply sad competitive streak in beta males. Betas still want to be competitive, it's inbuilt. It's less about going out to play sports and more feminised and focused on fee-fees and trying to play the victim card. (That card is not in your deck guys... not in modern society.) Oh and look, he's met the wife and she's lovely. Idiot. Women are masters of playing different roles for different people. She's delightful in a social setting where her status can be affected... and a different person in private where it can't. Any man who has not seen the difference between the way women act in public and the way they'll act in private has clearly not been with enough women. I think I've seen about 2 in my lifetime who were the same in public and private. They're an extreme minority and both of my examples were bitches.

What the hell is this all about? The knee jerk answer would be that it’s simply resentment. Men are now expected to be more involved in parenthood and domestic chores than they were 20 years ago. The family home is less patriarchal and autonomous. Things have got fairer – and because some men aren’t sure whether they like this, they exaggerate it, like the daft racists who greet increased ethnic equality with a thundering: "It’s political correctness gone mad!"

Hamster to mission control. We have achieved warp speed. Yes... a man who thinks his wife is controlling is quite obviously the equivalent of a racist. Makes complete sense... there's no massive logical leaps in there whatsoever.

Red Pill Reality: An extreme load of nonsense which draws upon a false analogy to try and shame any man who does not willingly accept his place in servitude of women. I'm surprised we haven't reached the stage yet where he's saying that all men who aren't cuckolds aren't real men and are still whining over nothing. Ya know... because male emotion is irrelevant.

Linguistic double standards have long bounced between the sexes, and while self-assured men are praised for being assertive, undaunted women are often damned as being bossy, or controlling.

Right out of the feminist handbook... I wonder if he copy/pasted it.

Red Pill Reality: The beta in a marriage like this knows he's unhappy being treated like shit but he's carrying on under the assumption "happy wife = happy life." But of course, his wife is never happy. It's nothing to do with linguistic double standards... but just to cover all bases... if you knew a woman was going to be a bossy harpy who aggressively told you everything to do... would you want a relationship with that woman? Or would you possibly say something like "fairly obvious why she's still single."

Perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on the chaps. The pace at which things have changed means today’s middle-aged men are a bridging generation between two eras: the patriarchal times of their fathers, and the more liberal era their children will walk into. Those who make their wives into false tyrants are grasping vulnerably for a way to express their sensitivity and modernity, testing out-loud how they feel about their role in this brave new world.

What? I can't even understand this... the language just appears to be a collection of buzz phrases and platitudes.

Red Pill Reality: Manginas and white knights will continue to defend while the walls of the castle are crumbling and they've finally noticed they're using cardboard for armour and rubber chickens as swords. The delusional should be ignored.

I can’t help thinking, though, that most men who boast of possessive wives are speaking wishfully. “She won’t let me out of her sight,” says one chap I know of his wife. I’ve met her – she clearly cannot wait for a night to her self.

Again... more "women are the real victims" stuff. Though one thing from this could be true... that the beta male is speaking wishfully.

Red Pill Reality: That's a marriage heading downhill and she's prepping to branch swing ASAP. The beta male has no idea what to do. He can sense her desire is gone, and his has not. It's only a matter of time before she fucks another guy and divorces him. The order of these is irrelevant. Both will happen.

In other cases, there’s reverse psychology going on. I’m sure that one particular chap that I know keeps saying his wife is dictator behind closed doors in the hope that his words may eventually push her to become the most laissez-faire lady to ever live.

It still amazes me sometimes how the blue pill men can't see the reality that's right in front of them. I think it's probably more difficult to come up with these bizarrely bad thought processes to try and protect women's images than it is to stick to simple logic. This is suggesting an incredibly contrived and practically impossible attempt at manipulation.

Red Pill Reality: Hamster to mission control. We have left the solar system and are prepared to explore the stars! Good luck Captain Hamster.

It is unsurprising to find in the poll (towards the bottom) on whether you know men like this that it's pretty evenly split between "yes, they're annoying." and "no, they're not pretending." Much like the Red and Blue pill camps... some see reality and others pretend it's not really happening. Don't be one of the guys who're pretending it's not happening. We know how that ends and there are plenty of Blue Pill examples on here of where that goes - the lesson is always the same with this. Don't be beta bob.

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