Summary: In this post I talk about why you are wasting your time with all of the self-improvement (outside of lifting and dressing better) and why it should not be the reason you better yourself. Even though I advocate self-improvement, I think doing it to get hot girls is not only the wrong reason but also pointless.

Post time!

If you want to improve yourself, then improve yourself, but don't do it with the goal of getting hot girls in mind because not only is it wrong to do that, it is quite pointless as you will learn in my post.

The reason I make this post is because a lot of guys that come to the sub have either been burned by women, coming off of a bad relationship, divorce, or just guys who never really had much luck with girls. Many of the guys who come to this sub think that all of this "self-improvement" that involves reading books from famous authors will make them into some sort of Hugh Hefner but they are mistaken. Outside of lifting and dressing better (probably not even that), most of the self-improvement tactics taught on this sub will not help you get hot girls and I say this as a guy who has been with a lot of hot girls and knows guys who have done the same exact thing.

So after months of lifting and reading works by Plato you're still wondering why you're sitting home on a Friday night watching porn, well it's not really that complicated.

All the while as you're watching porn on a Friday night despite having gone through all of that self-improvement, there is probably some guy with a lower "SMV" than you balls deep in some hot girls. The guy who found high school too hard, dropped out, and now DJs at parties is somehow sleeping with a good looking sorority sister while you're beating your meat to porn. So even after doing all of that, you're wonder why guys who aren't nearly as intelligent, worldly, or maybe even good looking as you are getting sex with all of these hot girls while you sit at home watching porn and getting lower quality girls at best.

The main reason all of that happened is because you were lying to yourself the entire time. You came to the red pill to get better results with women, improved yourself in the long run, but you kept lying to yourself by saying "girls aren't important" to protect your ego. Instead of seeing the red pill as sexual strategy, you lied to yourself and said it has to do with a "life purpose" and absolutely nothing to do with women because sex just isn't important. That might be true for some but that is not the reason most of you came here, you lied to yourself the whole time when deep inside you wanted any normal healthy heterosexual man desires: sex with hot girls!

Why those guys are having sex with hot girls and you aren't.

Some guys are just plain lucky, those guys lucked out and grew up around a lot of attractive women. A lot of those guys won the social lottery, grew up rich, and constantly had the chance to interact with hot girls since they were very young. Most of these guys went to high schools loaded with hot girls, were family friends with them, close with cool guys, popular, and had a lot of opportunities to get with them. The thing is that there is nothing you can do about it, life deals us all a hand that we just have to play it.

The other thing is lifestyle choice, these guys created a lifestyle for themselves that resulted in them being around a lot of hot girls, something which you can control!

Maybe some of these guys joined a fraternity in college or while in the real world they found a way to mix and mingle with crowds that hot girls ran with. Some of these guys pursued hobbies like model photography which put them into direct access with hot girls. Even a ripped guy with all of the game in the world will fail to get hot girls if he doesn't come into contact with them as much as an average looking guy with mediocre game. Yet there is nothing on this sub about actually meeting those hot girls because if you don't get a chance to meet them and run in the same circles as them, the game becomes a lot harder and I can say from experience that you will lose to lower SMV guys everytime. I would say this is one of the main reasons college gets promoted so much as being the best years of your life, you are constantly around hot girls and you're interacting with them a lot. Things like cold approaches and online game for the most part don't have nearly as much of a success rate as social circle game does.

Which is why you should only do self-improvement for your own benefit and not for the purpose of getting hot girls.

You want a better body because it gives you a better health.

You want a better career because money matters in terms of enjoying life in general.

You want better people skills so you can deal with people better and avoid undesirable situations.

You want to read good books so you can learn more about life from knowledgeable men because hot girls can care less about how well you know Plato.

Now if you want to have sex with hot girls, your goal should be to design a lifestyle for yourself geared for that, not to somehow go through all of that self-improvement and come out a bitter guy in the end because you're watching porn on a Friday night while a lower SMV guy is balls deep in some attractive woman.

Lesson learned:

Do self-improvement because you want to better your life, doing it to get hot girls is not only the wrong reason to do it but also pointless!