Wife's husband makes millions, he asks for a post-nup to protect his assets, but she's "confused" and doesn't feel the need for a post-nup because she would never hurt him.

December 26, 2017

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Found in a relationship sub. You should be able to copy and paste a snippet of the post into google to find it. Don't want any b0ts to remove it by providing a link.

From the title: Wife is 31, husband is 36.

"My husband "Daniel" and I have been together for 6 years, married for 3. When we met, he was an engineer here in the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) while I was a teacher. I was making around $60K a year which is nothing in the Bay Area so I was still living at my parents house, and he was making around $110K which is just enough to get a one-bedroom apartment in a decent area. After about a year of dating we moved in together and married a bit after that. He's always paid the majority of the bills, I'll admit that.

Daniel worked full time as an engineer when we met but had a side project that he & a friend were really passionate about. Just a few months after we married, the side project really took off and they had buyers interested. They ended up selling up the side project and my husband & his friend pocketed a couple million each. They teamed up again for another project and that one did well too. Two successes opened up a lot of doors for them -- investors, capital, resources, all of that. My husband quit his old job in order to work on innovating more products with the capital & investors that are now available to them(I know I'm being vague, don't want this to be identifiable). Anyways, he's not Elon Musk or anything but he's doing really well.

Just last year we bought a nice house in the Bay Area which I always thought was unobtainable. New house + 2 new cars + we eat out/go out more + vacations + no financial stress. Our lives have improved a LOT with this money. I definitely would not be living a life so comfortable if it weren't for my husband's success.

So I was a teacher up until about 6 months ago -- I've always HATED my job. I worked at an awful school with zero administrative support and poor funding, it was beyond stressful. Dreaded going to work each morning. My husband has known about this for ages and he sat me down this past summer and said "I finally make enough to support us both and I can't enjoy my life if you're not happy. Quit your job and pursue something else. If you wanna go to school, go to school. If you want to focus on raising our future kids, do that. I just want you to be happy". Music to my ears. I could write a book about how great this man is. We're planning on starting a family in 2018/2019. Things are really good right now.

Okay so that's all background here's the problem -- Daniel sat me down a few days ago and said that he wants to sign a post-nup agreement to "protect himself and his work" just in case something happens. He said that the circumstances when we got married vs. now are very different and, again, he wants to "protect himself". He basically wants something where if our relationship ends, he doesn't lose too much money. He gave me time to think about it.

I don't know how to feel about this. I talked with my best friend about it and both of us are just confused. I was with my husband when we were just two normal middle-class people and now all of a sudden I feel like he doesn't trust me because he has money. I've never asked him for anything now that I wouldn't have asked before. I didn't ask him to buy me a new car or to support me if I quit my job. I've never gone on shopping sprees with his card or anything like that. It just hurts me and honestly I can't help but to think about how now that he's rich he could leave me tomorrow and hook up with some gorgeous 22 year old. It's just a really sad feeling. He told me this a few days ago and it ruined my Xmas because I just can't get it out of my head. I would never, never, never hurt my husband even if our relationship ended so I don't feel the need for a postnup at all, but really I'm just sad.

tl;dr: Married a middle-class guy. He ended up becoming rich and now he wants to sign a post-nup."

It's interesting to note how she's very adamant on how great the relationship is, how her quality of life has improved, is planning on having kids, yet she "never asked for any of it" (the nice house, cars, vacations, etc), and how her husband could leave her for someone younger. She's already giving herself reasons NOT to sign the post-nu, but reiterates she didn't ask for the benefits of a millionaire lifestyle, as if that were her excuse.

Complete hamster.

I'm 26. I will never get a marriage license. I've seen mountains of cheating, financial rape, and other negative experiences that result from legal marriage. If a future fiancé wants a wedding, no problem. But no paperwork. And be aware of marriage laws (living together for a certain period of time considers you a married couple). I have followed the advice of wiser and older men, and things have gone well for me thus far.

This guy's future is already looking bleak. The top rated comment from a lawyer told her she doesn't have to sign it. If things end between them, he'll lose millions from his hard work. And all for what?

A woman.

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