TLDR: Humans can do amazing things with their bodies, if their mind believes they can.

Wim Hof is a man from Holland, who holds several world records for endurance. Not some bullshit shaman, he does what he does and embraces scientific scrutiny. His main belief is that the mind has great control over the body. Despite many people claiming he has superhuman abilities, he says that everything he accomplishes is something any human can do with the proper training.

I do not know Wim Hof's ideas or strategies about women. Though 'Red Pill' is primarily about sexual strategy, I believe Wim Hof is an excellent Red Pill example. Red Pill philosophy embraces the idea that the mind is in control of everything. You can improve yourself through mental and physical conditioning, by choosing to develop positively and staying focused. The body is an extension of the mind.

Wim Hof has been proven to have mental control over his autonomic nervous system. The etymology of 'autonomic' says that the word basically means 'self governing'. These are the functions of the body that science has previously thought were completely beyond our control. Wim Hof has demonstrated mental control over his body in ways that scientists have previously considered impossible. When scientists concluded that he was 'one of a kind', he trained others in his methods and they were able to repeat his results.

I discovered Wim Hof after reading about cold showers from other Red Pillers. I do not think there is anything magical about a cold shower, but I do believe they are beneficial. They are a simple way to teach us that discomfort is completely in the mind, and that our own minds have power over the body and its discomfort. My first cold showers felt like quite an ordeal. I would shiver and try to clean myself as fast as possible. Now I hop in the cold shower and feel fine. I take my time and laugh at myself for previously thinking it was a big deal.

Red Pill is very much about self improvement, and self improvement almost always involves discomfort. It's more comforable to eat pizzas and doritos than it is to eat healthy. The couch is more comfortable than the squat cage. Watching TV is more comfortable than reading books. Playing video games is more comfortable than approaching women and facing the possibility of rejection. Staying in your a burger flipping job is more comfortable than asking for a raise/promotion or looking for better employment.

Most of the guys who live the life you want to live, earn the money you want to make, and fuck the women you really desire to fuck ... worked hard to get there. 99.99% of us are not born with the Adonis body, the Bill Gates money, or the Stephen Hawking smarts. These are things you earn with hard work and perseverance.

Make goals, and work hard to achieve them. On a spiritual level, you have to think about what will bring you happiness, and then put the work in to achieve that happiness. Physical exercise will improve your body, and mental exercise will improve your intellect. Never stop improving.

Here are just a few of Wim Hof's accomplishments:

Ran a full marathon (42km) in Finland, around -20C, wearing shorts. Ran a half marathon in Finland on snow/ice in just shorts, with no shoes. Ran a full marathon (42km) in Namibia, temperatures up to +40C, without drinking water. Climbed Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) wearing shorts. Climbed Everest to 6.7km wearing shorts, but quit due to a foot injury. (Video shows sherpas in complete shock!) Completely suppressed his immune system when injected with bacterial endotoxin. (People trained by Wim Hof repeated this feat.) Wim Hof can sit fully submerged in an ice bath without a change in his heart rate or core body temperature, even though the temperature on his skin was 4C. World Record for sitting in an ice bath for nearly two hours. This would kill most humans.

Moral of the story? The mind controls the body. Work hard and keep improving.