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Withholding ejaculation as the ultimate TRP act

December 9, 2013

First of all, I am delighted to have stumbled upon r/TheRedPill. Just as I was about to give up on reddit altogether (because of preponderance of low-effort comments and inane circlejerks), I found this treasure trove of information, an actual insight into how things (females) operate. Why isn't this taught in schools? Oh yeah, because feminism. This is such a positive place to at least begin with the personal development, something that women are totally oblivious to and hence will not mention at all in schools structured according to their worldviews. You guys are like my male role-model I never had.

Now, on to the idea I had this morning. The more I read about how global society works, the more I realize that its main function is enabling women to literally milk men in every conceivable way, including their semen. There is no bodily function that is as intimate and yet with such potential for utterly destroying a man's life as ejaculation and the entire female power revolves around making men ejaculate. Once we learn to control that which is basically nothing more than a reflex, women lose all their power over men and their precious beauty is rendered meaningless.

Now, how do we do that? I remember reading Dr. Ruth's "Sex for Dummies" a while ago and she mentioned a very simple technique for dealing with premature ejaculation called "Stop&Go". In essence, once a man is stimulated over a certain threshold, he's going to ejaculate and he has no way to stop it. The idea with Stop&Go technique is to know where that threshold is and stop all stimulation once near it. Once cooled down sufficiently, he may continue with stimulation or stop it altogether. It's as simple as that.

The more I think about this idea of withholding ejaculation from women, the more it seems to me to be the manliest thing imaginable. He's pounding her and suddenly pulls out, dresses and walks away, leaving her primal desire for validation (making men ejaculate aka. having control over men's basic reactions) unfulfilled. There are also no moments of weakness or drowsiness that usually follow male climax. She would be left confused, unsure and vulnerable, not able to grasp what just happened. Not only that, this would be the perfect litmus test - a man would just have to carefully observe her reaction to see her true intentions.

Without men allowing themselves to be nothing more than glorified breeders and providers of semen for women to continue their solipsistic fantasies, this society will collapse, as it should. This doesn't mean I hate kids, I want them eventually, though not with wenches that I'm surrounded with right now. But, if I don't find the right one that's willing to submit to me, I am perfectly content with living alone.

What do you guys think?

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