Summary: Its a website where girls post "I don't need feminism because...." Highlighting many of the ideas the red pill deems true.

Here is the link.

One of my favorites "I don't need feminism because men and women are created for different purposes to help each other. They each have different things they are good at and praising one gender more than another isn't equality."

Girls these days have been empowered to believe they are goddesses and men are dogs. I see both men and women in a more holy light. We are gods and goddesses. When I meet a girl who obviously has been raised not respecting men by their hate filled mother or whatever the circumstances. I have come to the conclusion if you can't show me some inherent respect for being a man, how do you expect me to respect you just because you are a girl. The thing is I have so much respect for what they are capable of, I often laugh at my girl because I see all women as just feminine energy. Its like talking to an old friend. For millenniums we have evolved together, grown up together. I say look how far we have come as if we were solely responsible for everything as The Feminine and The Masculine. I see her dark side and it makes me laugh. One because I am confident I can stay strong and not be manipulated into being a beta. Two every time I refuse to be her bitch it proves how much she loves an alpha mother fucker. She will always do more if you play the game right. This is honestly hard for me to digest the last few months because my mother raised me to be a gentlemen, open the door for women, and as I got older the pressure was clear that i was to pay for dates and never verbally abuse a girl. She says i'm verbally abusive because i tell her to get off her fat ass and go workout, stop being so fucking lazy and complaining about your life when your not doing anything to fix it but no that's abuse. I realize now my mom is well versed in feminist mantras and has been hammering them into my mind daily for the last 20 years.

So I have made a habit of waking up earlier to make time to read rep pill, not because i don't get it but to undo all the years of hard wiring an obedient male. To hammer in my new mentality, I have always been pretty ruthless but this has cause me to offend a lot of girls. The thing is I can always tell they know what the truth is deep down. They even love arguing with me because they get so turned on by how ruthlessly I will speak about the subject. The reason i speak with such confidence on the subject is because I know my morals are far better than the oppressor misogynist shit they categorize me as. We are gods!

Lesson learned: Their is still hope to find a girl that is not femi programmed. I refuse to show an ounce of sympathy for weak women.