Women are like Pokemon

July 23, 2014

With all the choking on bitter Red Pills this sub can often be a negative place. Its my intention to lighten the by attacking the issue from a different angle. Thus GayLubeOil is proudly reposting his female oppressing masterpiece: Women are Like Pokemon because a lot of you never read it and the mod who originally deleted it is gone.

Gotta Catch em' All: There are tons of different kinds of women out there, but you only know what kind you like if you fuck all of them. Sleeping with tons of different women is difficult. You'll need different game with different women and you might not be well suited for certain types of venues. But, no matter what, you have to be persistent, that's the only way to learn from your mistakes. You have to keep throwing that Ultra Ball at Zapados.

Women Types: Its heavily debated what is the best type of women. However it is generally acknowledged that white educated middle class women are the absolute worst type of women. You might find a good one here and there, but my advice is don't waste your time with normal type Pokemon. Also some types of women, like tatted up pseudo-lesbians (dark type) are fun for a little bit but they will never make a good starter Pokemon. Finally just because a type is generally good like Fiery Latina, doesn't mean all of that type are good. There are some weird fire Pokemon out there, and its not their fault that they're so fucking weird.

To Train Them is My Cause: No matter how much you train a shitty Pokemon its going to be shitty. Also a shitty trainer can ruin a great Pokemon. To have a realy great Pokemon you have to find one with potential like Larvitar or Charmander and train them. You cant be too much of an authoritarian dick or a pussy pushover, there is a balance and you have to find what works.

Gym Badges: If your life isn't in order; If you aren't financially secure, cant cook and are out of shape you just don't have the gym badges to be a good trainer. You need to get your shit sorted because you can only teach what you know. Pokemon need a trainer to reach their full potential, and women need men to be all they can be. There are so many basic things that women get wrong all the time. Women fuck up their metabolisms with crash diets, live off processed food and don't get enough unsaturated fat. As a boyfriend these are all things you need to fix. Women need proper exercise to be healthy and stress free. However what a typical woman thinks is a good workout and what a good workout actually is are two completely different things. You need to teach your girlfriend squat deadlift and assistance exercises like glute bride so she can reach her full physical potential. If you don't know how to perform these lifts yourself, you're basically the shitty I like shorts trainer at the beginning of the game.

Legendary Pokemon: There are some Pokemon that are way better than all the rest. However you can only catch them if you're on your A game. Zapados and Mewtwo arn't cunts, for knocking out your whole party and breaking free of your Pokeballs. Its your fault you suck. You need to step up your game improve yourself and keep trying.

There is no excuse for playing with your weedle at your mom's house in Pallet town.

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