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Women Do Not Want Your Love

April 9, 2016

Your whole life you’ve been fed a version of reality that has been palatable to you. One day a wandering beta stumbles into TheRedPill and reads one of the most pivotal works ever written here and comes to a crossroads. Do I continue to hold onto the version of reality that I’ve known all my life, or do I start challenging these ideas and see the truth for myself?

That boy takes the first step in his journey towards finally thinking for himself. Any idea that doesn’t hold up to the scrutiny of reality bears challenging, and discarding if necessary.

Still, some ideas are harder than others to let go, because many of them are derived from inward feelings they’ve felt their whole lives. Men know how they feel about women. And many of you have experienced relationships where you well and truly loved a woman. No one could deny you that. A number of challenges and hurdles may have tested that bond, but never did you have a reason to doubt your love. That love is why you chose to keep going, despite it all.

However, there is a large disconnect with the inverse; women do not want your love. It is not what they’re after.

No, what women truly want is value. They want a combination of things that excite their dopamine receptors, none of which come directly from you loving her. She wants your value; your status, your wealth, your protection, your comfort. A man that has all these things can excite a woman by telling her he loves her, only because it means that she is being given a gift. She does not love you. She loves those gifts, the transfer of your value.

Compare and contrast that to what happens when your value is gone. Your love means precisely nothing to her. Quite the opposite, it disgusts her. She does not want your love. She doesn’t want to be loved. She wants to be validated by value, and the words “I love you” do exactly that for her, providing that you offer her some value.

Recognizing this disconnect is yet another step on the TRP journey. Men and women are different in so many regards. This is one more facet of that collection. Men do desire female love. Your brain is wired to crave female love. This is not true with women, and misapplying this with them sets you up for disappointment when your expectations invariably aren’t met.

Your love does not bring with it any intrinsic value. To her it is as worthless as the air that comes out of your mouth when you say it. Treat “I love you” for what it really is – “I’m willing to share my value with you”, because that is what women really desire.

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