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Women don't just give "alpha" guys their best sex. They give them their best emotional intimacy, too.

March 12, 2015

One of the cores of “Red Pill theory,” if you can really call our awesome 100,000 member locker room talk a “theory,” is the dualistic mating strategy of women. Essentially “alpha fucks, beta bucks.” It’s not really a sinister thing. Women aren’t deliberately trying to game the system. We just live in an age where being a major slut is accepted rather than shameful, so women are free to act (in fact, encouraged to act) on their sexual impulses and their emotions instead of worrying about their long-term future or what sort of life looks good on paper.

This isn’t that sinister. Women will be sexually attracted to a particular type of guy, but that particular type of guy isn’t usually the kind of guy who’s quick to be emotionally available, quick to commit, generous with his time and resources, and eager to provide for a woman. This isn’t because women are foolish. It’s because most guys that are attractive to a large number of women have options. They don’t need to be emotionally available, to commit, or to dedicate significant time and resources to any particular woman. If some woman won’t fuck him for a minimal investment of time and resources, he’ll just go fuck another of his options. Women fuck guys like that without pushing for a more serious investment because they don’t have a choice. It’s either fuck him and hope he “falls in love” or be sexless. And nowadays, a woman who chooses to be sexless is an oppressed victim of the patriarchy. It’s pretty much required to be a slut.

Women don’t even necessarily like the guys they’re sexually attracted to. They’re not stupid. They know that the asshole douchebags who treat them badly and only return their texts when they want sex aren’t any good for them. They know it’s dumb and dangerous to date a tattooed-up, drug-dealing thug. But women know something a lot of men need a little more education to figure out: Sexual attraction is completely separate from whether or not you like someone. In fact, sex outside of a committed monogamous relationship is a lot easier for a woman to justify when she doesn’t like someone.

But no sane woman is going to marry a guy who’s no good for her, treats her badly, and isn’t emotionally invested in her. Even if she could get this dream alpha man of hers to agree to it. A relationship built solely on sexual attraction isn’t going to fulfill her. It will suck and fail.

A woman is going to eventually marry a guy that she likes. Somebody who’s actually emotionally invested in her, generous with his time and resources, and willing and eager to commit his life to her. The thing is, guys who are eager to commit themselves to one woman – especially a slutty woman – generally aren’t the kind of guys most women are sexually attracted to. Part of the reason they’re so willing to enter into a committed relationship is the fact that they lack options with women.

Sex is so easy for most women to come by that they don’t realize how important it is. They’re getting offers from boys starting in elementary school nowadays. After a lifetime of slutting it up, sex is common and cheap to most women, and has become something entirely unimportant. In fact, if you’re her chump beta boyfriend and you’re heavily interested in sex with her, she’s going to accuse you of being shallow and hurtful, because the emotional connection is what’s really important, not the sex, right?

They don’t understand that sexual attraction is one of the cornerstones of every successful relationship. A relationship without frequent, passionate sex, that is strongly desired by both parties, is every bit as shallow and empty as a relationship without an emotional connection.

But our example woman who ends up married to a guy she likes doesn’t realize this. She’s stuck with a guy she likes, who does things for her, but she doesn’t want to fuck him. She assumes it’s because he sucks and doesn’t do enough for her, but she’s forgotten: she used to fuck assholes who never did shit for her. Her sexual attraction was, and still is, completely separate from what a guy does for her and how emotionally invested he is. An emotional connection is great. It’s essential for a successful relationship and a successful marriage. But sexual attraction is a completely separate pillar of the relationship. If she’s not sexually attracted to her man, no amount of doing the dishes and laundry and rubbing her feet is going to make her vagina throb with anticipation.

We often express that women will fuck an “alpha” man while using a “beta” to fulfill her emotional needs, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Women lie to their chump husbands. They hide their past. They cheat. They barely have two words for him when he walks in the door after a hard day at work. They can’t stand to put their cell phones down for three seconds when he’s talking. They’d rather sit in front of the TV with their men than actually talk to them, and when they do talk, it’s usually a one-sided affair where the man listens while she complains.

But back when she was fucking hot douchebags, she was honest and emotionally open. She’d tell the men she fucked about her past, her kinks, her hopes and dreams, and share all of her thoughts honestly. Maybe she just felt comfortable since she knew that wasn’t a “real relationship.” Maybe she was hoping something she said would win that douchebag over. Whatever. The point is, she didn’t just give those sex-only partners from her past her best sex. She also gave them her best emotional intimacy. She was her most honest, her most open, her most uninhibited, and her most generous and giving with them.

Her loving husband receives her nagging, her lies, her disrespect, and the top of her head when she won’t look up from her cell phone. But at least she actually likes him.

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