Summary: unwed, single women often get little yippy dogs, and these serve as a substitute for their mothering, nurturing instincts.

Yesterday I saw something that disgusted me.

A woman and her little fluffly dog (yuck) were having a walk, off-leash, on a major street during rush hour. Even worse, the dog was flitting around retardedly, as if it were chasing butterflies in a field.

My first instinct was to admonish her for needlessly risking her dog's life. Right then, she called out to it, "Jasper! Come here now, silly!" The dog reversed direction, ran up to her, and jumped up on her thights.

What struck me was the absurd level of the woman's emotional engagement. Her whole face was lit up, her head tilted, as she talked to her dog with a baby voice. (Side note: that is the opposite of how you want to talk to dogs. It is literally 100% wrong.)

I was struck by something: I've never seen a man do that with his dog. (Exception: flamboyant gay men.) Most men like their dogs, and give them affection, but remain authoritative.

Women, by contrast, treat their dogs like infants. I think this whole phenomenon is a direct result of Feminism. In the Good Old Days, they would've already had children by age 23, eliminating the need for a canine pseudo-infant. Hell, that's probably why they pick such small, helpless dogs. By contrast, it's harder to hamster that a majestic German Shephard needs constant babying.

Now, one might be tempted to say, "Who gives a shit? Let them do what they do."

The thing is: it sucks for the dog. Dogs PREFER to be trained and led. If you treat a dog like a human infant, it results in an emotionally stunted mess of a dog. Which, ironically, feeds into the feeling that the dog needs their care. They've created the problem they're attempting to solve.

Anyway, if you're considering getting a dog, get a REAL dog, and learn how to train it. I recommend Cesar Milan.

Lessons learned: women have an innate need to mother something. Feminism is hurting women by denying them the children their instincts crave to nurture.