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Women give us synergy

September 11, 2014

Detractors of The Red Pill like to conceptually subdivide the subject matter you can find around here into two categories: 1) “Self-Improvement”; and 2) “Women Suck!”

Nobody has any problem with #1. Because it’s just plain good advice to urge men to become physically fit, professionally successful, socially apt, versed in useful skills and interesting hobbies, and confident and unafraid of talking to the opposite sex. It’s such good advice that it’s freaking obvious to anybody. One almost wonders why you even have to tell a guy that women prefer fit bodies over lardasses, or that women prefer a guy with a job, a nice suit, his own place, and actual goals over a gamer that lives in his mom’s basement. You don’t even do this shit for women. You do it because you want to live past 40 and not get winded climbing a flight of stairs, and because you like spending money from your paycheck on shit that’s fun. That part’s not even about women. But apparently, men need reminders about the obvious, because the world’s full of fatass, lazy losers who aren’t getting laid.

People love to cast stones about #2, though. Men are pissed on and laughed at all the time, cast as sex-crazed, insensitive, brainless oafs, who need to just get over it if that offends them. But God forbid guys get together at a dark corner of the Internet and talk shit about women. That’s the worst thing ever. Offensive viewpoints trump murder, violence, bestiality, kiddie porn, and all the other shit you can find on the internet. If you have an offensive viewpoint about women, you should have your dick cut off.

We hear one very logical-sounding point pretty often: “You can find all of that self-improvement advice anywhere. That’s not unique to The Red Pill. If you strip away all of the non-unique, obvious advice you can get anywhere else, all you have left is asshole misogyny. The Red Pill is all about misogyny, and just pretends to be a good place for men!”

That sounds pretty good if you don’t think past the words in front of you, but there’s an unspoken corollary to this point that the mind reaches if you actually think about it for a minute:

You can find bitter asshole misogyny all over the place. That’s hardly unique to The Red Pill. In fact, The Red Pill is pretty tame compared to real women-haters. If you strip away all of the generic misogyny that you can find anywhere, and in fact do find all over the place and just ignore, you end up with a pile of advice, opinions, and locker room stories, shared among men who want more out of life.

One might argue that The Red Pill is all about male betterment, and just pretends to be about women-bashing.

This begs the question, if The Red Pill is just a combination of two non-unique things, what’s the point? Synergy. The Red Pill is like a marriage – or at least what marriage is supposed to be. When a man and a woman join together to face the world, they have the potential to be so much more than the sum of their strengths. If they work together, complement each other, and help each other grow, there’s no end to what an amazing family can survive.

Of course, the opposite is also true. When a man and a woman stand at opposite ends of the house and battle for control, constantly test each other, and negotiate the terms of their love, it’s a drain on both of them. Neither one is as great as he or she would have been alone.

The Red Pill is a marriage between the male story – how to improve yourself and be a better man – and the female story – what women are like and what they’re capable of. The female story is told from the male perspective because one spouse needs to be the head of the family for there to be synergy and growth, and in our little corner of the internet, that’s daddy, not mommy.

The Red Pill pushes and pulls us between inspiring stories of guys losing hundreds of pounds and getting buff, getting the raise and promotion they’ve been after for months, starting a business, getting laid by a different girl every week, or finally learning how to change their own oil or shoot a gun, post-divorce, after 30-plus years of being a doormat for an ungrateful bitch – and demoralizing stories of women at their worst, told from the male angle, cautioning us how to avoid the same fate and how to control these situations better. There’s synergy here. Without the female story, we’re just fitness and business hobbyists. Without the male story, we’re just losers who whine about women. Armed with both, we’re The Red Pill.

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