Summary: Female cop pepersprays knifewielding man and caves under the fear of the man charging at her colleague. Later on receives an award for her bravery.


Two cops from Corby, Northamptonshire are responding to a call of a man (Lee Vickers) wielding an 8 inch kitchen knife.

As the female officer (Debbie Wishart) initiates with peperspraying from a distance, Vickers becomes enraged and starts charging at the male cop (Alex Prentice).

As the attacker is at arms length of the male cop, wielding an 8 inch knife, the female cop is nowhere to be seen. Later on we can see her in the back of the attacker, keeping her distance while her colleague is seconds away of getting his heart pierced by a knife.

In the end the attacker doesn't follow trough and runs away at which point the male cop can take him down and make the arrest.

So what did the female cop do in this scenario other than make things worse? Here we can see a clear example of the save the women and children first mentality.

If it were me (or any other man with any decent code of honor) I would have risked my life for my colleague, because I know he would do the same for me.

The best part is that she ends up receiving an award for her "bravery".

Conclusion: Never expect a woman to lay down her life for you, society expects you to throw yours away for her instead.

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