This deserves its own post:

Credit to /u/exit_sandman for originally posting that in comments.

What to takeaway from this graph:

  • According to women the average man is a HG1.8. If you are an average-looking man you are disgusting to women. Think of the kind of woman you would rate a 2.
  • The 80th percentile of men is rated a HG4.9. The top 20% of men starts to be fuckable for women (Thanks RP truth).
  • HG9 gets 14x the messages of average man
  • HB9 gets 3x the messages of average woman.
  • Consider that beta man sends more messages per woman than alpha man (beta man has a longer conversation before closing). This means that it is likely that HG9 has even more women talking to him than his messages per person differential shows. If Chad sends half the messages to each woman compared to AFC, he is talking to 30x more women than the average guy. I'd bet money its higher than that. Sorry chumps, average sucks in this market.

Math lesson: Those graphs have a lot of data compacted into few metrics. People in the other thread were making the mistake of comparing the message volume percentiles directly, but you can't because they aren't normalized. To normalize them, you can divide each message volume by the percentage of people it represents: message percentage / people percentage = percentage of messages per percentile of people.

Example: HG9s are 0.1% of the population on okcupid and get 1% of the messages. Normalized to 1% of the population, they would get 10% of the messages (10% of messages per 1% of people).