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Women used to be just like you

December 19, 2014

We often describe that men go through different stages of awareness as they learn about The Red Pill. We start off unaware, possibly even deluded, believing in a reality that really ought to exist – a reality that makes good logical sense – but one that doesn’t work out in practice.

Because The Red Pill is a male-centered resource, we don’t really devote much time to the perspective of women, other than to acknowledge their role in reality. When you think about that for a minute, we might be missing some information as a result. Women go through similar stages of awareness as they grow and develop. They don’t emerge from the womb understanding themselves. Some never do.

Women start out a lot like we do. They’ve grown up watching the same Disney movies and living in the same society that we have. They start out genuinely believing in true love, that a certain “the one” is out there for them, and that there’s someone for everyone. They genuinely believe that they want to meet and end up with a nice guy who treats them well (e.g., like a princess), and that this is the path to their happily ever after. A woman thinks that once she finds the perfect guy, she’ll love him forever, he’ll love her forever, they’ll never get divorced, and they’ll be happy, because they’re both nice people who are nice to each other.

Why would a woman start out thinking anything different than what most of us started out thinking? Women grow up in the same world that we do and are exposed to the same message. They start out with very little self-awareness, and very little awareness of reality. They’ve been fed the same nonsense, and early on, they have no reason to believe the world is any other way. 

When women start dating, many of them don’t get it. They always seem to end up with the wrong sort of guys. It never works out. A guy will seem nice at first, but after awhile, she starts to notice his flaws, and he seems like a real asshole. Or a guy will seem nice at first, but after awhile, her feelings change, and that spark and chemistry in which she believes so strongly just isn’t there. It doesn’t dawn on women that sexual attraction is an important part of every relationship, because much like your average blue-pill-beta-loser guy, women have grown up being fed a line of bullshit about how sex is this trivial, minor thing, and real relationships are all about feelings.  It also doesn’t dawn on women that sexual attraction can cause them to fail to notice various things about the guys they date.  That those “assholes” were always assholes, but due to her attraction, she never saw it. After all, sex is a minor, trivial thing, so to suggest that a woman’s sexual attraction might blind her doesn’t make any sense. You’d be calling women animals.

The very concept that a woman may be sexually attracted to someone who isn’t a nice guy, and not attracted at all to someone who is, sounds like utter, hateful bullshit to an unaware woman, because it doesn’t make sense. If you were to tell a woman something like this, she’d think you were calling her stupid, because who the hell isn’t attracted to a nice guy who treats you like a princess? That would be stupid, right? Completely illogical.

But newbie women start out falling for the wrong sorts of guys and feeling nothing for the types of guys they always thought they wanted. This is the crossroads for a woman. Many of them stay stupid. They rationalize that the cocky, confident, assholes they keep falling for aren’t actually assholes, or that they were so smitten they were just blind to it, and that while there’s nothing wrong with the nice dudes, there’s just no magic spark or chemistry there. But some of them start to get a little self-aware. They start learning girl-game.

Because society keeps trying to teach everybody that sex is a trivial, minor thing that for some reason, shouldn’t be a cornerstone of a relationship, that also means that sex outside of a relationship is a trivial, minor thing. So some girls start having sex outside of relationships. And they learn that guys are stupid and will do stupid things for sex. They learn that they can be as choosy as they want, because getting laid is pretty much guaranteed as long as they’re decent-looking. They learn that it doesn’t matter if the guy’s an asshole and to just go with their feelings, since they’re not looking for a relationship. They learn that relationships are pretty much guaranteed, too, since they have a stable of loser guys who want to fuck them just waiting in the wings, begging to be their boyfriends.

Some even learn that fucking guy A and having a relationship with guy B aren’t mutually exclusive. Men practically beg for that outcome. Guy A doesn’t want a relationship, and he’s too much of an asshole to date anyway. And guy B wants to show off how nice he is, so he keeps insisting that sex isn’t important to him and sits on his hands, never making a move except to buy shit for the girl. Men practically engineer this situation for women.

In a fairly short time, smart women become very self-aware. And self-aware women can be pretty manipulative cunts. After all, what’s their incentive to be better? They can have all of the sex and free shit they want, and when that wellspring dries up, they can settle into a life of slightly less sex and all the free shit they want with one of the losers waiting in the wings.  

A precious few self-aware women may end up as Red Pill Women, since they recognize that there’s going to be a future time when they’re not as hot, men don’t want them as readily, and they really need to bring more to the table than mere existence if they want to end up with someone they actually like instead of someone they settle for after that wellspring runs dry.

But luckily for us, most women are pretty stupid. Okay, stupid’s not the right word. I just threw that in there so the rest of Reddit can quote me as a woman-hater, because I think it’s funny. And because most women are stupid cunts. More like…consciously ignorant, maybe? They never become self-aware. They’ll hit 30, 40, 50, 60 and even go to their graves believing that things just didn’t work out with the 200 guys they dated. Yes, after 200 different partners, not one was worth staying with. Either no chemistry or bad judgment in not realizing the guy was an asshole. They’ll marry at 32, and genuinely believe things will work out for the best.  Then end up cheating on their husbands, but figuring it’s okay because it feels right and they’re still searching for that Disney soulmate. Then end up divorcing their husbands because it didn’t work out. No chemistry or he’s an asshole.  --Okay, maybe that’s not the path most women take. But most end up settling, unhappily married, saddled with kids, not attracted to their husbands in the slightest, dreading the once a month missionary they have to endure.

They’re not happy. Women who end up married to losers, used up by assholes – they’re not happy. They’ll never admit it, because admitting to mistakes would mean that they’d have to do something hard, like change, and women hate working hard. But lack of Red Pill awareness makes women unhappy, too. Not just men. Women get screwed because they grow up believing the same bullshit we do.

So the next time you’re fucking some desperate 28-year-old you just picked up from a bar that you have no intention of ever committing to, remember to smile a little bit inside, because that used-up slut used to be just like you. Now look where you are, and look where she is. You’re on top now. (Unless you like her on top.)

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