I was walking around with a buddy yesterday and he randomly asked me the following hypothetical '''WHAT IF?''' question:

"If your wife ran into Drake and he showed interest in her, would you let your wife have a one-night-stand with him to satisfy a long-held fantasy?"

My immediate reaction was that if she did that I'd demote her to plate at best and pimp her out for money. I'd probably keep her around as mother of my children but I'd have to find a new woman to call my wife after that. He was surprised at my hard-nosed answer, and I was surprised that he would think anything different.

Setting aside the "no marriage ever" rhetoric for a minute, how would you guys answer that question for yourselves? My buddy was trying to spin it that he'd be honored if Drake/StevenTyler/TheRock/etc slept with his wife, to which I smiled at him in befuddlement. It never crossed my mind that just becuz these guys are rich and famous that they were in any way actually better men than I am, and that I should be honored for them to grace my wife's vagina with their presence. Personally I would never look at her the same again, but I'd understand why she did it from a RP perspective.

My friend said if you denied her that opportunity that she'd resent you forever, and you know... "happy wife, happy life". I think I'm too proud to swallow some BS like that, but am I being rational? What do you guys think?