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You are the rock. Act like it.

November 12, 2014

One of the core TRP values is adherence to gender roles. Seasoned RP'ers understand that these roles didn't pop into existence out of a vacuum; they were chosen because they maximized the innate strengths of each respective gender. One of the most recently scrutinized facets of masculinity within modern society is a man's role as a stoic, unmovable pillar.

Consider the following two male caricatures:

Calm, collected, calculating

Worried, unsure, expressive

Both similarly attractive men, yet the former generates far more attraction in women. The reason for this is simple; life is difficult, but the presence of a leader, someone who knows what to do, creates a calm in otherwise insecure individuals. Consider how this dynamic works with children. They rely inherently on their parents simply knowing what to do. Ask anyone who grew up to find out their parents were incompetent. They'll tell you it was one of the most crushing realities during their adolescence.

Modern feminists will try to convince you that being open with your emotions is okay, and that you should be free to do so. On the surface this sounds good, being emotional and weak is inherently easier than being stoic and strong. The problem with this is that one party necessarily needs to be the strong one. And because of the genetic makeup of the vast majority of women, that responsibility falls on you. Women cannot, nor want to be the emotionally strong one in the relationship.

Women are volatile creatures. Their emotions fluctuate at random, and they're not in control of it. Some of them learn to recognize the flux and get a handle on it, but most simply ride the wave of emotions wherever they take them. A lot of new RP'ers use this as a reason to hate women, but it's unnecessary impotent rage. It's just how women are. Women are the waves in an ocean, subject to all surrounding forces. The moon, the wind, the temperature, they'll all move her around in subtle ways, and she is helpless to resist. Men, conversely, are the rock. While waves may crash on you, the sun may beat on you, fuck, birds may even shit on you, you are immovable. This dynamic is necessary for the function of a successful relationship. Women respect this, and will look up to you for it.

This isn't to say that being stoic necessitates shutting off your emotions. You're not a robot. But you cannot let it show, not in front of your partner, at least. Every man deals with stress throughout their life, but the ability not to show its effects on you is highly desirable, both as a romantic partner and as a leader figure. While this dynamic is most beneficial in a LTR relationship, you'll find that it extends further. Women are highly attracted to emotional stability. This is the basis of frame.

Learn to practice your stoicism. Don't let your emotions control you. If someone tries to get a rise out of you, recognize it for what it is and laugh it off. You're allowed to feel emotions, sometimes they're unavoidable, but the mark of an alpha is one who never lets them interfere with his decision making.

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