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You aren’t an incel, you are just a stereotype

May 15, 2021

Since the banning of several incel subreddits, like braincels and incels without hate (ironically banned for being a hate sub), I’ve noticed an uptick of incels washing up on our shores and trying to brainwash our naive readers about the blackpill, how looks is all that matter, fucking prostitutes is better than fucking women, real alphas don’t focus on women and all other weird things.

Well, that’s not fair. Brainwashing young naive readers on asktrp and trp is meant to be my job.

Incels love to play the MUH race card. That if you are a minority, you can’t get laid, but also if you are white, you also can’t get laid because....reasons?

Let’s look at these incels and see why they really are what they are. Breaking this down by demographic (please don’t try this at home with FBI crime statistics!), we have the following:

Indians/Oriental asians . Let’s see what the average male (and average incel) from this demographic is. Skinny fat or skinny. Grandma glasses. 5’8. Has no solid sense of fashion/grooming/hair style. Oh and definitely works in tech. Will probably always lose to a an equivalent white male, because the white male is 5’11 170 skinny fat while he is 5’8 150 skinny fat. If you are under this demographic, all you have to do is not be this stereotype. Build some muscle, change your wardrobe, wear contacts/wear fashionable glasses, grow some sort of stubble beard, and get a fade. Maybe wear a chain. None of these is difficult. If you’ve been on trp for a while, most of these things you’d already be doing. A 180lbs well groomed buff asian dude stands out more than a 180lbs well groomed white dude. Why? Because who the fuck is expecting a well groomed, fashionable 15% bodyfat 180lb asian/indian dude?

If you are a black incel/find yourself stuck fucking hood bitches and struggling with other girls, look if you are portraying a black stereotype. Drop the pidgin english, we iz gangsta and shiet, and the yeezies. Dress up a bit sometimes and speak well. Save the hood talk for your friends. Swap yeezies for Chelsea boots, hoodie for pea coat/leather jacket , “ayo” for “hey”. A well spoken, maybe slightly overdressed black guy stands out more than his white or asian counterpart, for nobody is expecting a black guy to be that.

Now, let’s go to white guys. In the west, there aren’t too many very harmful white guy stereotypes. But there are a couple. White guys can’t dance and can’t cook. At least the black dudes know how to dance to hip hop and the Indians know how to cook tandoori chicken and the Chinese know to cook chicken chow mein or bats. So, let’s change that. A white guy who knows how to dance/cook stands out more than his black counterpart. Who’s expecting a white guy who can dance and cook well?

Putting it altogether:

Use stereotypes to your advantage, you are asian? Be a little more white/black, don’t be such an asian stereotype. You are black? Be a little more asian/white. Don’t be such a black stereotype. You are white? Be a little more asian/black. Don’t be such a white stereotype. When you do this, you’ll stand out more compared to your counterparts.

Everyone expects a dorky skinny fat asian dude or a ghetto acting black guy or a bland rhythmless white guy, so give them a surprise.

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