TL;DR the world tells you to change for your SO, put your interest aside and find new things to do. But your frame must come with you

We have all read the sidebar. Awalt, don't get married, spin plates and most important, frame. I am in the LTR game right now. I actually have a pretty solid girl that understands TRP truths. Even though she understands my beliefs, she is still pre programmed to be a modern woman. I'll set the stage

On some Saturdays I have to work from 430am to 3pm after working a full work week. After work I was beat but wanted to have my cheat meal. My lady goes to the gym frequently as well and we take our eating serious. I take her to my favorite burger joint, have wings, a few beers. After we get home she wants to go out. I'm tired but I say fuck it, it will be fun. And it was. Her and I helped a nerdy little dude talk to girls, got him to loosen up. Pretty fun.

We cab it home at 1am and I'm tired and tipsy. She walks into our room and says we need to go to Walgreens to get contact solution. I tell her No were not driving in our current state. She says "I can't believe your letting me go alone" . She gets pissy and storms out and goes anyways. I fall asleep. I wake up to hear here crying next to me. AWALT gents, even your mom

She drops the "if you cared about me you would have went and not let me drive drunk." Yep it was my fault she drove to the store guys. I look at her and say "if I didn't care about you I would break up with you". So of course I get the "oh so you want me to leave?" In my past I would have back tracked and said no please I'm sorry. But my frame was not going to be penetrated so I went nuclear (thanks whisky). I clearly stated "if you leave, that's on you and due to your emotion. You can go sleep in the guest bedroom and come talk to me in the AM when you decide to be a big girl. If you leave I'm not letting you back in ever. You are being a crazy bitch"

She leaves my room, and I hear her slam the bathroom door and yell, goddammit. I won because I didn't give in to her comfort test. Here's the best part. In the morning I asked her what her end game last night was. From the horses mouth "i wanted you to tell me you love me and you were sorry."

So that ends my story guys. No matter how deep in a LTR or marriage you are, the test will fly. You must be a wall and let her slam into it. She will fall flat on her ass. Two hours later she wanted to have sex. Women are the oldest tennagers in your house. Always.