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You Never Took The Red Pill And Never Will

July 16, 2018

If you look closely at the top of the page there are three words written in big bold letters. The Red Pill. That means that primarily this place is about rejecting blue pill social programing and secondarily everything else. If this wasn't the case the words would say seduction, motivation or erotic fictional stories for horny boys. If this wasn't the case we wouldn't ban hundreds of confused spergs daily. And that masterpiece you wrote. You know the one about love poems, flowers and talking about your feelings. If this wasn't the Red Pill it wouldn't have been deleted.

The reason why the Mods and ECs have to carve Red Pill dogma into your skull, is because the Blue Pill aka Neo-Liberalism is the source of most of your problems. Yes that's a big bold statement. But that statement can easily be proven. Next time you are on vacation, instead of spending all your time snapping retarded photos and ass-chugging margaritas take some time to talk to the locals. On the off chance that your not a shallow self indulgent ADHD pleasure whore, you'll realize that: the further a country is culturally from the West the less Western problems it has.

Sure other Non-Western countries have their issues but their women aren't bloated sacks of shit, their men live purposeful lives and people have families instead of masterbating in front of screens. Yes these countries have problems but not the problems we discuss here at Red Pill. They don't need coping strategies like PUA pick up lines, relationship books or marriage therapy because their social and family lives aren't plunging ever deeper into abyss.

This isn't a complicated concept. You don't have to be Stephen Hawking stunting wheelies in a futuristic robo chair to understand what I'm saying here. It's pretty simple actually. Socially the West is fucked and if you don't want to get fucked don't be Western. In other words don't be progressive egalitarian humanist or any other gay shit. Just because everyone is Pozzing themselves doesn't mean you should also give yourself AIDS. In fact it's an excellent reason to avoid metaphorical societal AIDS.

The problem is that Pozzing game ends when everyone knows about Pozzing game. The first rule of Pozzing game is attack whoever talks about the Pozzing game. No practicing counselor, psychologist, or marriage therapist, is going to question the ideological roots of Neoliberalism as the ultimate cause of the issues their treating. Their job is to fix the broken cog and put it back in the machine not question the machine that broke the cog. That's why the machine created the psychologist in the first place. How do you think so many boys ended up on Ritalin for their misbehavior in fem-centric classrooms? Diagnosis neutralizes individual dissent.

When individual dissent metastasizes into something big enough to challenge the narrative, the media gets called in to shut it down. The media is the ideological enforcement mechanism of the establishment. Luckily for us they've been intellectually ravaged by affirmative action and sexual harassment lawsuits, so they suck at their job. It's actually adorable. Their hit pieces are written by hacks and usually help us by driving traffic.

Unfortunately the media isn't wholly inept. They still have two effective strategies that prevent us from realizing the Handmaid's Tale Patriarchy Utopia. The first is bread and circus. The second is the use gatekeepers.

The media's high production value and control of film and television, means that most people are going to see their side of the story first. That's why for the majority of the people here James Bond is their conception of Alpha male. What could possibly go wrong when people like Harvey Weinstein are allowed to determine your inner most values? Likewise when the media parades out their safe acceptable conservative anti-feminist, the boys here are gonna whip out their assholes and ride him like a naughty cowgirl.

What could possibly go wrong by letting the media determine the boundaries of acceptable debate? What could possibly go wrong with living inside the Matrix? So go ahead watch Ben Shapiro. Read Jordan Cuckerson’s book about petting puppies and skateboarding. Spengler’s Decline of The West is too complicated and Yockey’s Imperium is too dark. Keep your reading light and fun. You never took the Red Pill and never will. The masses are history’s victims and your gonna be one of them.

If your interested in a coaching service which offers difficult workouts and discussion of difficult books shoot me a PM.

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